A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Squat PR: 225lbs


So, I was lucky enough to go on a road trip this weekend, to meet up with some people who know a thing or two about lifting. Their awesome strength must have rubbed off on me, because I was able to squat 225lbs!

It wasn’t the prettiest squat in the world, and I did get stuck at the bottom. And it took me 3 attempt. On the first attempt, I paused too long at the bottom, which is an on-going and seemingly incorrigible issue for me on my squat. On my second attempt, I got thrown off by hitting the rack, which I chalk up to being in a different gym setting and being somewhat sleep deprived.

At the end of the day, it happened and I feel bad ass. It’s a bit of a squat morning, but I think that’s the sign of a true max, so I will take it.

I consider this to be a significant landmark for girls, especially a new lifter like myself. Everything is lining up for my meet and I feel badass.



2 thoughts on “Squat PR: 225lbs

  1. Like your style! Most people walk past the squat rack, and yet, bang for your buck it is the best exercise you can do for strength and size. I’ve actually got the same squat rack up in the shed! Good luck with your lifting…what type of program do you follow?

  2. Always excited to see another women love barbell squats (w/out smith machine) squats like my self!

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