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Dear Diary: Gullible Guppy and Day of Rest

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Yesterday, after coming home from the gym ready to unleash a can of whoop-ass, I went to my first adult swimming lesson. And yes, it was as hilarious as the name would imply.

When we signed up for swimming lessons, I made it very clear that I did not need to take the course on “how to get into the water”. This is supposed to be a class for “stroke correction”, which I guess makes the assumption that I know something about the strokes to begin with. Although I agreed to do this class as part of my on-going quest to try new things until I find a form of cardio that I can stand, I had some serious concerns that I would be demoted to the “learn to float” class.

Luckily, old man Ted who was balding and wearing the speedo was very friendly and told me I could stay in the class. There are even 2 guys in the class who were about the same level as me! But apparently this is a 14 week class, which I neglected to notice when I signed up. It’s going to be a long 14 weeks.

Last night we worked on front crawl (mine sucks) and back crawl (mine sucks). We worked on breathing to the side, kicking from the hips and “reaching” for front crawl. For back crawl, we worked on the motion of the arms, which I had all wrong. I’m hoping to swim a few laps on Friday after yoga and then a few more on Sunday morning, although I may need to wait until after my meet because I feel sore and creeky in about a million places today.

I forced myself to take a full rest day today. Sometimes I struggle with scaling it back. I want to hit the gym 110% every day. But I know my head needs a rest and I’m still trying to figure out how to balance school and work with the gym so regaining some zen today was a very good thing. Hopefully I can wake up and bang out some insane deadlift numbers first thing in the morning.


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