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Dear Diary: Deadlift Day

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I live by the mantra that deadlift day is the best day of the week. Seriously, if there is a reason that I’m addicted to the gym, it can be summarized in one word and that is deadlifts. I love deadlifting. I daresay that deadlifting is like a religion for me. Except, it’s religion without all the supernatural junk. It’s just me and a heavy-ass weight, picking it up and putting it down until I can’t even think straight and my whole body feels like jelly.

Anyway, for as much as I love deadlifting, today was kind of a mediocre session at the gym. Since I’m back at school, I’ve had to shift around my lifting times, so I was working out in the morning. I was fasted and hungry. I did take some BCAAs beforehand but those can only do so much, especially without any caffeine. What other excuses have I got?

Oh, my hamstrings are SORE. I had some major DOMS from doing 1-legged RDLs on Monday. That was such a newb mistake in terms of programming. 1-legged RDLs are some of my favourite accessory lifts, but I need to remember to do that on pulling days. Walking around campus was especially brutal after pulling and I have a feeling my hammies will be crying tomorrow.

The other thing that happened was with my belt. My lever belt is too big, and I didn’t feel like adjusting at the gym. That’s kind of a bittersweet problem, because it means that my waist is shrinking.

I think that’s all for today. I’m starting to get a bit stressed by juggling work and school and the gym, but I still feel like I’m on top of things and making progress. And I still love deadlifting. Deadlifts, deadlifts, deadlifts.


One thought on “Dear Diary: Deadlift Day

  1. Squats & deadlifts, by far the best exercises if you want strength and/or size. But most people shy away from them! Love both myself…

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