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Fuel for fitness: Stop Policing my Goddamn Piehole


Since this is the internet, you should have an unmitigated interest in what I just ate. Right now it happens to be an egg baked in avocado. I was browsing r/fitmeals yesterday for inspiration on what to eat this week and this popped up. Funny enough, I was reading this article on dieting this morning, after it was posted to BTFC, and she mentions how avocados and eggs are a great combination for slow gastric emptying. Perfect. I need to eat some smaller meals today because I am going to a tea party later today and there will be lots of gossip and baking.

When I explained the concept of a “tea party” to one of my coworkers this week, her first reaction was “You can’t go. You’re going to fuck up your diet.”

Excuse me?

I’m going to this tea party. I’m going to eat sweets. And you can’t stop me.

Part of me feels like the rebellious teenager who has to go now, just because someone said I can’t. But a larger part of me is trying to grapple with an issue that has nagged at me since I first started trying to lose weight: people love telling me what I should or shouldn’t be eating.

I would have quite literally wasted away at this point, if I ate everything that was recommended me to. “Hey you look great, have you lost weight? I’m trying to lose some weight. I’ve got this great diet – you’ll lose 10lbs in a week if you eat just an egg and some saltines and a can of tuna and two hot dogs every day.” And what do I do? I just sit there and smile and nod politely and then I keep doing what I’ve been doing that made me look so great in the first place. Quite frankly, I do not care about your diet.

Or every time one of my friends says, “I’m doing low carb. No carb. I eat eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch and supper. Nothing else. Oh, I eat turkey on my leg day because it’s supposed to be good for you.” Sounds like solid advice, I’m sure, except when the adviser walks in the next morning eating a bagel and a grande frap. I’m sure cognitive dissonance will help me melt away the pounds.

What annoys me the most is when people comment on what I’m eating. “You have such a big lunch. Aren’t you trying to lose weight?” “I heard you shouldn’t eat fruit because there’s this trendy new diet where all you eat is bacon and sausage and 3 sticks of butter and fruit makes you fat.”  “You eat out a lot. Are you sure that’s healthy?” Please, shut up and stop policing my goddamn piehole

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: It doesn’t matter what you eat or where it comes from, how much you eat is more important in terms of weight loss. See: the oft cited Twinkie Diet.

Yes, I generally try to eat low carb but that’s because 300 calories of chicken and green beans fills me up for a lot longer than a potato. That doesn’t mean carbs are some sort of evil kryptonite that no one should ever eat again. Do you know what carbs are good for? Giving you the short-term energy you need to run and be active. And carbs are fucking delicious – end of debate. Life would suck if I told myself I was never going to eat carbs again. Quite frankly, I’d rather be fat. Luckily, I’m smart enough to know that having a slice of apple crumble this afternoon is not a judge of my moral stamina or strength of character.

“Fitness” is a life-long state of mind. It is not simply a body-type that you achieve by virtue of gym membership or 12 weeks on a fad diet. I’m no less fit because I woke up this morning and decided to skip out on running and swimming because I have a sinus infection. I love going to the gym and I’ll be back tomorrow when I’m not feeling quite so under the weather. Likewise, I’m not in the habit of eating cake for my afternoon snack, but once in a while it’s a treat. At the end of the day, I’m the only person qualified to decide what is best for me, my body and my brain. And I’m going to the tea party this afternoon to see some friends and enjoy my life – what is the point of being fit if I can’t do that?


3 thoughts on “Fuel for fitness: Stop Policing my Goddamn Piehole

  1. ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY LOVE THIS! These past few years I’ve fallen into something of a funk, trying to figure out what’s right for me in terms of diet and exercise. The transition from high school to college was rough on me, and continues to make weight loss difficult (currently trying to lose 21 pounds and get fit). Now in my early twenties, I’m still trying to flesh out what’s right for me, but that is difficult considering all of the noise/contradictory information I’m picking up from my dietician, friends, parents, and fellow bloggers. I love your mindset. You are an inspiration, letting all of us know that it really is okay to enjoy our food. For goodness sake, what is life without chocolate cake?

  2. There is nothing wrong with a treat–every once in a while–especially if you’re health conscious to begin with! Enjoy the tea party:)

  3. Freaking THANK YOU!!!! First people were asking me “How many points is that”??? Then it was “Is that clean”?? Now it’s “Does that fit your macros”??? SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!

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