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BTFC & Bench Form

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I forced myself to step on the scale this morning after two fairly lax days of eating and a very emo blog entry last night. All of that food-related guilt must be weighing me down because I was back into the 84kg class this morning. There’s not much to be done except get back to business as usual today. I’m off to a good start by tracking calories again, and hopefully by Saturday I’ll be smaller than ever for my BTFC check-in.

Yesterday was not a total write-off, either. I went to the gym and had a better squat workout than I’d had on Saturday morning, even though I was in a new lifting environment. I was avoiding my regular gym, yesterday. Call me a coward, but I was not eager to return to the place where I was told my squat was out of control by someone with atrocious form, or to be cornered by the trainer who teaches boot camp when I have no interest in attending. So rather than deal with my problems, I went to the other gym and had a marathon workout there. That was just a whole new can of worms. They only have hex plates and I’ve never been so conscious of being the only woman in the weight room. But I feel like I can cope with both of those problems, at least.

Regardless of where I end up lifting, I can’t wait for my meet to be over and done with so that I can switch off of GSLP. I feel like I’ve made zero progress on my squat since August and I’m ready to give something else a try. I’m currently wavering between 5/3/1 and Texas Method. I also need to find some balanced accessory work to incorporate into my programming in a consistent manner. I tried to set up my own programming and it was working alright, but I’ve just been lazy lately.

Trying to nip the laziness in the butt, I forced myself to do some accessory work  last night, which is how I ended up front squatting. Once I re-racked, I could see two guys talking about me. They ended up coming over and suggesting that I could do more if I sat back further, because I was coming down into my toes too much. They’re right and I think it was good to hear that from someone else. It remains to be seen whether or not that will translate into progress on my squat. I did think it was funny that one of them told me front squatting would be easier once I built up my shoulders. I just wanted to laugh in his face and tell him that I’m a woman and this is “built up”.

I also benched yesterday, although that’s a bit of a sore topic. I am frustrated by the fact that my bench is so inconsistent and generally crappy. I hit 87.5×6 last Wednesday but couldn’t even manage 90×2 yesterday. Quite frankly, I am embarrassed to compete with such a weak bench.

I had a friend record me to try and see where I’m struggling, but now I can see so many things wrong with this video that I don’t even know where to begin. My arch has improved over the past few months but that’s not saying much. I’m still not getting tight under the bar, the meandering bar path is an abomination, my wrist position is totally wacky and I still have NO leg drive whatsoever. I am ready to throw in the towel and go back to the elliptical on this one.

Actually, I had my stroke correction class last night and I think transitioning from land to water for cardio was a good choice. I was so proud of the fact that I managed to swim 500 m of front crawl & back crawl, but then Old Man Ted told us we should be aiming for the 2000 m required to qualify for Master’s Swim. Obviously I still have loads of work to do to increase my endurance, speed and technique, but that will come as my gills grow – and hopefully they fill out faster than my shoulders.


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