A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Belly dance and sundry

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If Wednesdays are the best day of the week because I get to deadlift, then Thursdays are undoubtedly the worst. Looking at my work and school schedule, I already know today will be a marathon and then I’m going to kick around the gym for a few hours. Long days like this are exactly why I think I need to mandate the proper rest and recovery that I alluded to yesterday. But I highly doubt that will start today, given my current agenda.

After work, I’m going to meet someone from the internet. She took the same course as me at the Nepean YMCA and will be competing at the same meet as me in a couple of weeks. I offered to meet her at the gym near our house and practice the commands. Hopefully some practice and another set of eyes will help me to deal with some of my nerves, which are starting to sneak up on me. It shouldn’t be a heavy session since I PRed on Deadlift and Bench yesterday. I’m planning to hit my lifts hard on Saturday and then deload for the rest of the week. So this session is basically the start of my meet prep in the week leading up to competition.

After our lifting session, I have my belly dancing class. I still have reservations about belly dancing. We’ve only learned about 8 seconds worth of dance moves and it’s a 4 minute song, so I’m still trying to put myself out there and learn something new and fun. The instructor sent out the song that we are learning choreography for this session. Apparently it was part of the soundtrack for The Dictator which is why it sounded so familiar last week. For some reason, I thought it was a Zumba song. Now I’m trying to listen to it to get in the mood but it’s hard to enjoy belly dancing when you spend the whole time looking like you’ve got to take a massive dump. 

I might also hop in the pool after the dance class. I haven’t been in the water since Monday and it’s killing me. When did I become so hydrophilic? I wish I had taken up swimming earlier – especially now that I see how many old people are in the pool with no clue about what they’re doing. All of the lanes will be open tomorrow evening, so I might attempt 500 m. By that point I should be nice and beat and I can come home and crawl into bed for a good night’s sleep.


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