A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Heavy singles and meet prep

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I went to the gym with coach Caitlin again, today. I had planned to do my bench and squat worksets on Greyskull and then throw in some bogus accessory work. Instead, Caitlin ended up giving me commands and I practiced some heavy singles in preparation for my first meet, which is one week from tomorrow. I am going to force myself to deload this coming week, so this was my last chance to see what I’ve got under my belt and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable after this session.


I decided to try squatting belted for the first time ever today. I had tried body weight squats with the belt at home and it just felt off. Once I tried it with some heavy sets, it made my unracking feel a lot more stable, so I will be squatting belted in competition I think. I was also surprised because I hit 235lbs today, which is a 10lb PR and I am not even sure it’s my max. I thought my squat max had decreased in the past month since I’ve dropped some body weight and made very little progress on GSLP, but that is clearly not the case.

I think my squat attempts will be 90/102.5/110 (since I have to submit my attempts in kg).


The only video I have here is of me failing 110lb, which I still haven’t even managed touch ‘n go, so that’s no surprise. I did put up 105lbs on my second attempt, and it was with the pause. I will be okay on bench as long as I take the time to set up properly and remember to push up with my chest. Attempts I’m planning are 42.5/47.5/50 but I’ll be shocked if I actually make the 50.


I was not planning to pull at all today but my max seems to be a lot higher than I anticipated, so this was a good decision. I’m going to go with my original plan of opening with 117.5. But I attempted 280lbs today, it went up easy and instead of making that my third attempt, I will make 127.5 kg my second attempt:

So, with that under my belt I attempted a 3 plate deadlift. I had tried for this a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t even get off the ground but today I think I got it. I was worried I didn’t lock out, but from this angle it looks fine. The bigger issue in the video is that there’s a bit of a hitch/jump which makes me wonder whether this would count in competition.

I’m going to try for 137.5 on my third attempt and I’ll find if it counts. That’s not a PR but I don’t think I can go any higher, but since this will be the last lift I make at the end of a long day – and I’m not even sure it counted here, I think this is the best choice. If I’m really killing it, I might attempt 140.

So, as long as I total, I will have my Junior qualifying total and I can compete in Emeryville in November. Assuming I make all of my second attempts, which I will, I will have my qualifying total for Provincials in January. Then the third lifts will just be gravy. I’ve got this. And now I can spend the rest of the week worrying about wearing my sexy singlet in public.


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