A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Monday marks the start of meet prep & other thoughts on training

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Apparently I had a good weekend: new squat and deadlift PRs on Saturday, followed by a 31:46 finish during my first 5K run on Sunday. I need to start giving myself some credit; I seriously underestimated my ability in both areas. I’m hoping that as I become more fit, I get a better handle on my abilities so that I’m not always so shocked with myself. But it was a nice feeling for the time being. And I will confess that I’ve watched the videos of myself deadlifting over and over again because I like watching all of the muscles in my arms. On a scale of 1 to Zyzz, I’m ‘mirin.

And the icing on the cake is that all of this awesomeness produced a good weigh-in this morning. I was beginning to think that my scale was broken because it has read 157.3 every time I’ve stepped on it for the past 6 days.

Since I’m less than a week out from my first meet, I need to focus on preparation this week. Luckily I will not have to do a water cut, so my first priority is to get lots of rest. I’m going lifting today, but I’ll only work up to about 185 lbs, which I’m still planning as my squat opener. I want to practice squatting belted again, too. I’m going to throw in some bogus accessory work and then go to swimming lessons. I’ll do a few deadlifts on Wednesday and some benching, and then hopefully I’ll be ready to rock and roll on Sunday morning. It’s all the stuff that I need to do outside of the gym that’s really going to count: I need to book a hotel out of town, re-read the rule book, make sure my singlet fits and pack up everything I’ll need in my gym bag.

Since I’m right on the edge of weight classes, part of my preparation is going to involve keeping a handle on my diet. I have absolutely zero room to screw up this week. Speaking of my diet, check out my lunch, which is totally the highlight of my day:

I am having my deconstructed cabbage roll for supper tonight, which is a pretty filling meal for relatively few calories. As a result, I was able to make a MASSIVE lunch today and still come out at 1200 calories. The photo above is proof that feeding windows are totally the way to go because you end up eating like a Queen and don’t feel deprived.

So what’s in my lunchbox? In the main container I have a babybel cheese, some peas, a pepperoni and a cup of berry applesauce. The green container is full of grapes, almonds, raisins and a box of smarties. On the side, I have a mandarin orange, some pickles and some chili lime crackers, which are positively delicious. The thing that looks the least appetizing is some cottage cheese with a spoonful of peanut butter and some cocoa powder, which is going to be a heavenly little snack right before I work out. Food is amazing. Maybe my scale isn’t broken and I’m just fat because I love to eat.

Since I am trying to force myself to rest this week, I’m currently researching 10K training programs, since I’m apparently going to continue running despite giving myself permission to stop. And if I can’t be at the gym, I need to planning my future visits to the gym, which may be indicative of a problem. Regardless, I need a distance focused program, so I’m leaning towards this breakdown:

In any case, I’m not about to start running again until after all of this meet garbage is out of the way. I want to continue swimming and focusing on lifting, so I might wait until December to increase my running distance, while working on getting my 5K time down until then. I’ve also been researching powerlifting/bodybuilding hybrid routines, so that I can focus more on aesthetics until the New Year. My training schedule is going to continue to be overloaded unless I drop Yoga, which I’m considering.

I’ve been going to a somatics class and a Yin Yoga class for a couple of weeks. I was hoping to restore some of my mobility since lifting has obliterated any flexibility I once had. It seems like both classes are very hard on my shoulders and I end up being more sore coming out than when I go in. And I like my “yang practices”. I like being hardcore at the gym. I may skip yoga this week in order to insure maximum badassery at my meet. But whatever I do, I need to keep researching training programs that will never come to fruition because otherwise I’m going to start thinking about competing and barf.

Five more sleeps.


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