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Attack of the Bloat & Last Minute Meet Prep

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For the first time since BTFC began, I missed posting something for the day. It was not because I fell off the wagon, but rather because the scale seemed to think I had. I started my period of Wednesday and on Thursday morning I was beyond bloated and emotional. I had a terrible weigh-in and then barely made it through the day. A friend and I were scouring the google to try and find the best course of action.

So first of all, let’s cover the list of things that I’m not going to do. For starters, I am not about to take an ice bath, which is one of the articles that was sent to me. That’s some Tim Ferriss-level pseudo science. If this method actually worked, I would not be panicking right now because I sit in an office with no heating all day, shivering but not actually losing weight. Funny enough, I’ve actually read the exact opposite advice for losing weight. Becky Rich, for example, talks about how she would take scalding hot baths before a meet in order to make weight, when she didn’t have access to a sauna. Becky Rich is an elite-level powerlifter and Tim Ferriss has written a book about a diet that requires minimal effort and has produced no results for anyone, ever. Who are you going to listen to?

Luckily, I also found this article which was very helpful: “A Powerlifter’s Guide to Making Weight” for several reasons, chief among them being the fact that he explicitly tells the reader not to get over-eager and do dumb stuff like sit in a sauna. In addition to some concrete and helpful guidelines, like cutting off your water 12 hours before weigh-in,  I think being told not to panic and kill all of my strength was the most important thing that I needed to hear, since I know this is bloat weight. Unfortunately, I’d already had a total meltdown by the time I read this.

So what did I decide to do about it to get back in control of the situation? For one thing, I downed so much psyllium husk fiber (Metamucil) that I gave myself brain freeze. I was backed up and that issues seems to have resolved itself now, thankfully. A friend also recommended dandelion root tea to help with the PMS bloating, and sent me a link to this article, which I’d already ready but which was worth re-reading.

I cut out most of my carbs today. I did have some oats with my lunch, but no flour or fruit. Then, I went out and got some dandelion root tea and am about to drink my fourth cup of the day. All day, I’ve been guzzling water like a Hummer drinks gasoline. I am planning to cut off my water at 7:00 pm tomorrow, and I’ll continue water-loading until then. I’m also planning to fast tomorrow until 6:30. When I wake up in the morning, I’ll take 1/2 a scoop of BCAAs and some greens+ with my cup of coffee. I’ll repeat the same thing mid-afternoon, and then eat my “meal” in the evening. I haven’t decided yet what my meal will be – I’m leaning towards a jar of peanut butter or 1/2 a container of the whey isolate cereal that I love. If I have a decent weigh-in tomorrow morning, I may adjust my feeding window to follow my regular eating protocol, but I’ll have to play that by ear.

My weight was even higher this morning, but at least I had my plan of action to reassure me and I managed to avoid the emotional roller coaster today. And to further deepen my Om, I went to my Friday yoga. Richard, the instructor, said to me at one point, “This is a contraction movement, like… have you ever lifted weights?” I laughed in his face.

I think at this point I’ve accepted that my meet prep is essentially complete. I’ve built my base of strength and worked on getting my weight down for the past 5 months, and I can’t change anything that’s happening in those areas before the meet. I need to force myself to rest now, find my inner zen and focus on building my strength of character.

And I really need to pack.


One thought on “Attack of the Bloat & Last Minute Meet Prep

  1. Good luck! 🙂 Whatever happens, you’ve done everything you can and should be super proud of yourself!

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