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General Update on Life and Lifting

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So, tomorrow is my BTFC check-in and that’s going to kind of suck since I’m back to where I started, basically. Oh, well. I haven’t felt like pushing myself this week, and I know that if I’m sick and exhausted, I need to listen to my body. Hopefully after a good night’s sleep I’ll feel better. Priorities for the weekend are to rest up, go see someone who can fix my bench tomorrow and then on Monday when I’m well rested I can go to the gym and have a marathon workout that kills me.

I think I’m going to attempt 255 on squat next week. That would give me the level 3 squat on fitocracy, if that counts for anything. I squatted 240×1 yesterday at the gym. I did it after my worksets while feeling gross and sickly, but it felt surprisingly easy so I think I’ve got that in me.

Speaking of last night’s workout. What a disaster. Coach Caitlin has been chastising me to work on my chin-ups/pulls so I figured I would bang out a couple on the assisted machine. Except that I failed a rep, sunk too low smashed into the floor. Then, to add insult to injury, I tried to step off the machine without taking the pin out, lost my balance and fell on my ass. The gentleman beside me just smiled and said “Don’t worry. No one saw that but me.” Whatever bitches – I’d like to see any of you squat 240lbs. Then we’ll talk.

I never said I was graceful. That’s why I contemplate suicide every Thursday night when I force myself to go to belly dancing, however that has gotten to a point where we actually dance for an hour, not just standing around doing nothing. I’m still lost, and it’s still requires about the same level of exertion as a yoga class, but the stretching did me good. My shoulder have been a little crunchy.

So not much has happened this week, but I did get some big news this morning. The dates of provincials have been changed. And now they happen to fall right smack in the middle of my exam period. I don’t know when my exams will be, but I ended up e-mailing my professors today and they said they would try to accommodate me. I had a celebration when I read their replies, and then proceeded to fill out the registration form. Woohoo!

I am currently having an internal debate. I didn’t think I could get down 11 kg in 6 weeks and I didn’t particularly want to compete in the 63 kg class because then I would be competing against the best lifter in the whole country. Now that I have 8 weeks, I’m reconsidering. It’s do-able in 8 weeks and then I’d be more in line to meet my initial BTFC goal of losing 25 lbs. Being 138lbs sounds fucking awesome – especially since the LeanGains calculator has me reaching my projected weight loss goal in July 2013. That seems so far away and I’m impatient. So I still haven’t decided what I want to do. Being fat was delicious, but I suspect that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. 

We’ll see how I’m feeling when I’m not so congested. I can’t even think straight and at one point today I was convinced I would never recover. I’ll just show up at Provincials in 8 weeks with the same stupid head cold. Oddly enough, the thought of not lifting never crossed my mind.


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