A Dainty Diary of Lifting

My first visit to Hostyle Conditioning


I woke up with some major glute and tricep DOMS today. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this sore from a workout and I love it. I can’t even say I’m surprised, since yesterday was my first visit to Hostyle Conditioning and they kicked my ass. I had been feeling mopey about my crappy competition bench all week and e-mailed Curd to see if I could come and lift with them. He replied right away and I went to work on my bench technique.

Warm-up yesterday was a bunch of stretching, some burpees, jumping jacks and then 5 rounds on the prowler. It was my first time using the prowler and it was love at first push. Then we went and benched for a while and I got my form straightened out. Apparently proper bench form is goddamn uncomfortable. But the first 95lb bench that I did just flew up, when that was such a struggle at my meet. I was ecstatic.

After bench worksets we did pause benching and lateral plate raises. The plate raises made me so angry. The plates weren’t very heavy but using the rubberized bumper plates only served to highlight the fact that I have approximately zero grip strength. Sadz.

Last but not least we did some mobility work for the shoulders, which I never do on my own. So basically it killed me.

Did I mention that I had a blast? Dudes were super strong and so friendly. I read some of Curd’s blog posts before contacting him and I have to say that I really love his training philosophy and general attitude towards life. But actually going to work out with their whole crew, I had such a positive experience, I have nothing but good things to say and I can’t wait to go back and maybe do some squatting and deadlifting, where my numbers are slightly less embarrassing.

As a side note, I was thinking yesterday that it’s funny how far I’ve come. The first time I ever went to a gym, I was terrified out of my mind and had a few false starts due to chickening out. Now here I am, excited to go workout with guys benching 4 plates. I think that’s further proof that both my physical strength and my strength of character have increased tremendously over the past year, simply as a result of improving my fitness and general health.

Today it’s back to the YMCA after otherwise taking the week off, and I need it. I’m going to go squat myself to death and do some lower body accessory work. Back again tomorrow and do some more tricep work because I need to get those babies growing. Overall I’m still being indecisive about what programming I should do leading up to my December meet, but hopefully I can figure this out once I see how everything feels when I’m back at the gym this week.


2 thoughts on “My first visit to Hostyle Conditioning

  1. That’s awesome 😀 And I’m sorry but that name makes me laugh simply because every time I read it, it looks like “Ho-Style” to me…and I’m assuming that’s not what they were going for.

    • Ya… I read it like this until I went to see them. Dude’s name is Hos pronounced like “Haus” so it’s “Hostile Conditioning”. Not sure if clever or unfortunate…

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