A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Turkey Day Training


Happy belated Thanksgiving! I ate chicken and squatted unto death. Here’s a video of my failed bodyweight widowmaker attempt, starring my ass. I dedicate this video to the dude at my gym who felt the need to wear a belt while curling 2.5lb plates. Please, don’t strain yourself.

I knew by the fifth rep that I wasn’t going to make it to 20. I was still feeling weak and tired from being sick and even my 145 warm-up set felt heavy. I decided to see how far I could go. Failed on rep 16 after hitting the safeties – I was in the bum squat rack because another gym patron felt  that the other cage was best put to use as towel rack while he curled. The good news is that I’m relying more on my stretch reflex, instead of pausing at the bottom. That’s a huge improvement over the last widowmaker I attempted in August. The bad news is that I still good-morning my squat when I start to get fatigued, and I was feeling totally beat yesterday. I may reattempt this in  a week if I’m feeling more on my game.

After that light warm-up, I did a 5×5 workset on squats, and then some leg accessory work. Overall I felt good about the workout and it gave me a better handle on what I want to do for programming until my December meet. Unfortunately, today my body feels a bit like the guy from Operation: everything hurts.

Squat: Part of the reason I’ve been so unhappy with Greyskull is because I seem to be making zero progress on my squat and I know it’s not going to get me the 300lb squat that I want at my meet in December. I am going to try Texas method, instead. I’ll do a squat volume day on Mondays and then the new 5RM on Friday.

Deadlift: I’m thinking of continuing with Greyskull for my deadlift. The only problem is that pulling a 3+ set on Wednesday morning kind of works against the Texas Method programming of squat. I’m going to try it and see how it feels. If it becomes a problem, I’ll move this to my weekend lifting session. I’d also like to add in some BBB accessory work on deadlift, doing a 5×10 just to get some volume. I seriously need to get better at reppin’ my deadlift because right now I pull 2 of anything I’m done.

Bench: I was thinking of sticking with Greyskull here as well, although now that I’ve been to Hostyle, it looks like I’ll follow their programming on Saturdays and then repeat by myself on Mondays. I’ve basically taken my fate out of my own hands here and placed it in the hands on the experts. Curd suggested I should do the 100% Raw meet at their gym in November to try and motivate my bench progress. I’m still on the fence for that, and it’s not like I’m lacking in motivation to begin with.

OHP: I’m totally stalled on my press and don’t really care about it. I’ll do it once a week on Wednesday mornings just so that it isn’t totally abandoned. Greyskull or whatever.

Accessory work: I feel like one of the biggest things that I need to do in order to prepare is some accessory work. This whole attitude of “I’m not doing jack shit” when it comes to accessory work is holding me back, and I know that I can use some higher rep stuff to work towards my aesthetic goals. So, I’m making this easy for myself: I’m going to do The Female Training Bible as my accessory work and see how it goes – I have a few modifications in mind but at least it gives me a base to work from.

Today is a holiday and I’m opting for my day of rest. I normally take a break on Tuesday, but instead I’m going to bench with Coach Caitlin tomorrow. For the first time ever I’m excited to bench. I’ll get to try out my new wrist wraps and attempt to replicate everything I learned on Saturday. I’ll also attempt some upper body accessory work since I need to develop my broceps if I’m going to compete in that November bench meet and not embarrass myself. I sense approximately 5 million tricep dips looming in my future.


6 thoughts on “Turkey Day Training

  1. This is almost literally as belated a Thanksgiving as you could have, since Thanksgiving is like 6 weeks away.

  2. Hey! Randomly stumbled across your blog. Always exciting to find more female powerlifters! What other goals do you have for December? And what weight class are you competing in?

    I weigh 160# currently and am working toward 275# squat, 330# dead, 120# bench(my nemesis…) for a meet in December.

    • Right now my weight is about 153. I competed in the 72 kg class a week ago. If I could get down to 63 by December, I’d be happy but not heartbroken if it doesn’t happen. Bench is also my nemesis!!! My competition goals are 280 squat, 135 bench and 350 deadlift. Good luck on your meet – I hope you rock it!

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