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General update on life and lifting

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I didn’t post a BTFC update yesterday because I simply could not bring myself to step on the scale. I’ve been feeling a little off kilter since my meet, both in terms of diet and at the gym. Nutrition-wise, I’ve been stuffing my face with junk and in terms of lifting, I’m having a hard time feeling that “spark” to push myself that I normally get just from thinking about the gym.

Well, I forced myself to weigh-in this morning. I am back where I was 6 weeks ago. I don’t feel totally terrible about it. I’ll just call it a carb refeed and start working my way back down. I’m starting to see my weight as constantly fluctuating instead of as a static number on the scale, so I don’t feel totally totally derailed.

But, it’s time to tighten my belt and move on.

I enjoyed a lazy Sunday today, and to make my inaction seem productive, I decided to plan out my week in lifting. I haven’t done this since September, and I know that I’m always much more focused when I have a plan. I just have to go in and stick to the plan and I’m good at that.

I have to say that even though I’ve been feeling wishy-washy, I did manage to set a new 5 RM of 205lbs on Friday. And it felt so easy. But it says something that I couldn’t even feel excited after my squat has been stalled for so long.

And now that my lungs no longer feel like I’ve been smoking a pack a day, it’s time to get back on the cardio bandwagon. I need to do some running if I’m ever going to hope to run 10K in May.

I also started counting calories again today. I think I’m going to give up on LeanGains. I need to eat earlier than lunch and I often don’t get home in time to eat supper in my 10-hour feeding window. Oh well. The more important thing is that I got paid this week for the first time in 6 weeks, so I could actually afford to buy groceries today. The thought of not being able to buy coffee before working out is terrifying. It’s also uninspiring to have to cobble together 100 g of protein from the dredges of my pantry for a week.

Who am I kidding? I have done nothing all day except look at tattoo porn and read fitspo tumblrs. What has my life become?

Wishful shrinking or something like that.

I do really like this tattoo, though:


One thought on “General update on life and lifting

  1. As far as the ‘making lifts/not getting fat’ balance goes… I’ve had really great success through a ‘high carb’ paleo diet – this basically means Paleo with a starchy veg in every meal (sweet potatoes, potatoes, yucca, plantains, carrots, etc.) It’s not really high carb compared to regular diets, just high carb compared to a classic paleo. (Carbs usually fall at around 20%). I’ve been doing it for months and I never have to worry about my weight going up anymore… it just kinda stays steady. That said, whenever I’ve wanted to drop weight, I just cut the carbs and the weight comes off pretty easily (though, this also means my lifts get significantly harder/not possible)

    I also allow myself some dairy normally. Again, I cut this out if I’m trying to lose weight.

    P.S. Fuck lean gains…. (in my opinion)

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