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General update on life and lifting


I finally managed to navigate the maze of my school’s administration and got one of my final exams in December deferred. It just so happens to be the exam that conflicts with my meet in December. And now that I’ve got that whole issue resolved, I am officially competing on December 15th in the Ontario Classic Championship. If I was struggling to find my focus before, I sure managed to find it fast once I realized that I would actually be competing. Shit just got real.

Sensing that I meant business, the postman kindly facilitated my gains and arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday with a new pair of Adidas Powerlift shoes!

Pixel checking out my new shoes.

I’ve gone and lifted twice with these babies. On Friday night, I squatted 225×5 which is a new 5RM for me. I’m actually pretty excited to have repped 2 plates – even more excited than I was the first time I got a single, since my reps on Friday felt much more smooth and controlled. It’s not a weight that I can only hit on a good day anymore, and that feels like a real milestone. But squatting in my new shoes felt kind of weird. Since I low-bar squat and am so quad dominant, I felt like the shoes changed my groove and kept me off balance. Clearly these shoes are intended for oly-style lifters. I went back and squatted today and I felt a bit better, but between the shoes and Phil’s advice from a couple of weeks ago, it sort of feels as though I’m learning to squat all over again. Good thing I don’t ever do anything besides noob-level 5×5, otherwise I’d be in trouble.

If I don’t end up using the shoes for squatting, then I won’t lose any sleep, since I  bought the shoes for my bench. Now that I’ve figured out what leg drive is, my mobility is becoming the bigger issue. I still haven’t tried out the shoes for benching, but I’m excited to do so on Wednesday morning. And I have high hopes because I added 10lbs to my OHP just by wearing the shoes today. This PR was particularly exciting, since with the meet prep that I’ve been running, my OHP had been stalled due to lack of attention. Too bad OHP isn’t a competition lift and counts for nothing. I’ll just console myself with the level 2 fitocracy achievement and remind myself that I’m awesome.

On the diet front, things are going alright. I still hadn’t got my act together and was stressing out about weighing myself. Again, I sometimes wonder if I have an eating disorder. In the end, I worked up the courage to weigh myself and on Sunday morning I was 72.0 kg on the nose. So I have nothing to worry about in terms of making weight for my meet, as long as I get a handle on all of my binge eating. Since I really just need to maintain, my plan is to eat 1400 – 1800 calories per day, only eating between 10 am and 8 pm. This might be hard because a new burrito joint just opened up down the street from me and burritos are basically my kryptonite. So are m&m’s, which I’ve been consuming in copious amounts, lately.

To keep myself on track, I’m also following Barbell Babe’s’ suggestion of checking off all the days that I stay on track on my calendar with a green check mark. I can’t show my own calendar because I only started yesterday, and I just so happened to eat a burrito and m&m’s yesterday. I’ll be checking off my first day right before I go to sleep tonight and hopefully by the time my BTFC completion rolls around on December 1st, I’ll be feeling all aesthetic and optimistic about whatever needs to happen for my December meet.

The other thing I’m going to use to keep me on track are all of my SupperWorks meals.  I still had some left-over taco meat sitting in my fridge, so I warmed that up and ate it for dinner, but I also cooked up the Pan-seared Basa in Tomato Cream sauce to take for lunch tomorrow. I sampled the sauce while it was cooking and I had to forcibly refrain from eating one of the meals on the spot. Luckily, I was thinking about that first green check mark and instead I boxed it up with some brown rice and cabbage for lunch. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long morning tomorrow, waiting for lunch to roll around…

Proof that I do occasionally cook.


3 thoughts on “General update on life and lifting

  1. Something is wrong with me because after I read this, all I could think of was burritos.

    I think anyone who has had any weight to lose, who has to watch what they eat, develops some strange food worries/issues. I actually think the majority of North America has disordered eating in some way or another.

    Great to hear that it’s all going to work out and that you’re really going to compete! Awesome! And where did you get the shoes? Did you try on anyone’s first?

    I signed up for the Oly lifting class and the first one is tonite; hoping I meet some good people, and get excited about lifting again. My lower body lifts have been going up, but bench is still stalled after a deload, not sure what’s going on there.

    • Thank god there is no Chipotle in Ottawa, otherwise I’d be back to 250lbs in the blink of an eye. I am always in the mood for a burrito so there is nothing wrong if you could go for one, too!

      I ordered my shoes from Rogue Canada and they came in 3 days. I am normally a size 8 in women’s. I ordered the smallest size available from Rogue (Men’s size 6.5) and they are still roomy. They are supposed to run true to your Adidas size, so Caitlin went into a sports store here and tried on a different style of Adidas shoe first.

      Good luck on the oly class and I want to hear the details! We are looking at taking it in the winter, but I need to find out what day it’s offered since I do have some evening classes next semester. And as you know, I was having a hard time feeling excited about lifting since my competition but it did come back to me. Hopefully the oly does it for you! (And good luck with your bench.)

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