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Snack Attack

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In light of my resolution to eat healthier until my meet, I went and stocked up on snacks. I find it easier to stick to my goals when I had a concrete plan, and I already had my meals in order after having going to SupperWorks. But I was feeling a bit peckish in between meals, and I always need something portable when I’m commuting between classes, work and then gym. I still have some Daryl’s bars in my fridge, of course, but I realized that maybe I needed some variety.

When I ordered my weightlifting shoes, I also threw in some Steve’s Original PaleoKrunch bars, which are “Grainless Granola bars”. What better way to wean myself off my granola-only diet? I had heard some good reviews of Steve’s products from people who are not strictly (or even loosely) paleo, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try. I was disappointed, but only because I ordered 5 and they’re already gone.

I think the term “granola bar” to describe these babies is a bit misleading because they’re more like a baked good. They are nice and moist with just the right amount of nuts and seeds. The nutty flavour is complimented by just the right amount of spice and it’s not overly sweet.  It’s a good way to get some nuts into my diet without mindlessly shoving as many as I can into my diet, and the fats make it a fairly satisfying snack for 200 calories. I’m going to order some more this weekend, and I’m excited to try their seasonal pumpkin spice variety. I’m not committed to going paleo any time soon, but these are still in the running to replace Daryl’s as my go-to snack.

While I was grocery shopping, I also picked up some Amande Yogurt, which is actually not yogurt but cultured almond milk. I think this product is supposed to be an alternative to traditional yogurt for lactose intolerant folks. I picked it up mostly out of curiosity, and because the serving size is fairly generous compared to the greek yogurt that I typically buy. I didn’t know what to expect, but the result was an overly sweet goop with a weird texture. It wasn’t awful but the whole thing felt off. I only tried the peach variety, and I’m still tempted to try the coconut or vanilla flavours out of sheer morbid curiosity. But I’m not lactose intolerant and real yogurt just tastes better, so I’ll stick to culturing my almond milk by taking it to the opera.

The theme here seems to be “snacks that are not snacks”: I’ve tried granola bars without the granola and yogurt without the yogurt, and the last thing I tried were chips that are not really chips. I stopped by the health food on Tuesday night and saw “Kale Chips”. Kale is one of those foods that gets a lot of buzz for being a superfood, but is not widely available in this area. Partially because of the buzz, and also because I like having lower calorie snacks to munch on during the afternoon, I picked up two bags. They were awful.

These things are dried out kale, coated in some sort of seed mixture. They remind me of ichiban noodles; you know, when you were a kid you crushed up your dried noodles in a bag and ate them with the seasoning packet, thereby overdosing on sodium for the week? Ya, these chips are exactly like that, with an overwhelming amount of seasoning, that burns as it goes down the back of your throat. And they are so crunchy and crumbly that they made a huge mess. Despite hating the taste, I found them strangely addictive and couldn’t stop eating them. I think that’s sign #1123 that I have an eating disorder. You know you’re certifiable when you can’t stop eating something this disgusting. Luckily, they cost an arm and a leg, so I can not possibly justify buying any more.

Instead, I’ll just continue eating Daryl’s for every meal of the day and consuming my vegetables in pill form.



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