A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Max testing: Squat PR


I decided that with 4 weeks left before my meet, I should see how much progress I’ve made. I haven’t really PR’ed since my last meet, 7 weeks ago.

Here’s a video of my 265lb squat. That’s a 25lb PR and I’m pretty happy with it, even though there are some form issues. Still aiming for 280 by the time my meet rolls around.

Then there’s my deadlift. It’s rare that I’m down about my deadlift but today was one of those days. I wanted 340 but could only get it an inch off the floor and then had major issues with my lockouton 330. I re-attempted 330 and it better but still not perfect.

I’m angry because that’s almost no progress since my last meet, despite feeling stronger overall. So 350 by December 15th probably isn’t going to happen and I’m pretty upset about that.  Sad.


3 thoughts on “Max testing: Squat PR

  1. great! next time keep shoulders back, back straight

  2. I can’t believe I just discovered your blog now. I am impressed, and I look forward to reading more. You are awesome!

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