A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Getting back to the gym and looking forward

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Now that my meet is done and out of the way and the dust has had some time to settle, I’m starting to get a handle on where I want to go next. I’ve been feeling a little lost this week, so this rant is simply dedicated to trying to sort out the jumble of thoughts that is bouncing around my head.

Right after my meet, I was pretty jazzed. I had a textbook meet by all accounts, setting three national records and a bunch of PRs. I didn’t see a single red light all weekend and now I’m currently the highest ranked women’s junior in the country. If this is the kind of improvement that I can make in 8 weeks and less than a year’s experience in lifting, imagine where I’ll be at this time next year. In fact, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing: outlining my goals for next year. My goal last year was simply to try lifting and to get the gym 3x week – that worked out pretty well for me.

So on the one hand, I love competing. It’s a nice boost for my ego to do well, it kept my training on track and it’s fun to be in an atmosphere that will never be replicated in a gym scenario. That’s why when I posted my meet report the next day, I didn’t even stop to consider whether I wanted to go to CPU Nationals in March.

Now that I’ve had a chance to reconsider, I’m re-evaluating whether that’s the best move for me. Part of the reason it was a big deal for me to do so well at my meet was because of the fact that it was my last chance to compete as a junior. Now I have to compete in Open with all the women who are actually strong – and on that front, I’m only ranked #24 in the country. I won’t be competitive at Nationals in my first year of lifting, and I can’t say I’m losing any sleep over that fact. But there is a chance that I would train obsessively for Nationals and then show up, only to be disappointed by being outlifted by so many women. So from a mental perspective, maybe competing in March is not the best thing for me – and the part of me that is slowly accumulating a student debt agrees that buying a plane ticket to fly across the country during the middle of my final semester at uni just to compete is probably a  really bad idea.

Right now, my long-term goal is to compete at nationals in Niagara in 2014. I have my fingers crossed that I will be totally elite by that point, but I need to be smart in getting there, and it might not happen. Having some experience at that level of competition would be beneficial, but I could probably get away with doing a couple of meets this year and really focusing on building my strength.

I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I want to do Nationals all week. But as I’ve been mapping out my training and goal setting for next year, I’ve sort of realized that I don’t need to decide right now. My programming will be the same whether I decide to compete or not, so I’ve decided to wait until January to figure out what I want to do. I got back to counting calories yesterday, I went for a run this evening and I will be back in the gym for some deadlifting tomorrow. I’ll re-evaluate where I’m at in a month and in the mean time, I’ll just enjoy the holidays.


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