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General Update on Life and Lifting

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The dust has finally settled from my meet and the holidays. I had a rough couple of weeks after my meet, but now that I’ve stopped using the holidays as an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, my workouts are a lot more even keeled. Falling into my routine – working, eating right and sleeping enough seem to make an entire world of difference for me. I don’t think that’s a revelation or ground-breaking new discovery for anyone, but I was having a hard time hearing it over the sound of Christmas baking entering my mouth.

So before the resolutioner crowd takes over my gym, I’ve been re-fining my programming for the spring and into the summer. I’m still not sure whether I want to do CPU Nationals in March, but my rationale for programming remains unchanged. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Squat: Here I will continue with the Texas Method, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’ve yet to hit a roadblock here, and in order to avoid studying for exams, I even managed to read the second part of the book, which outlines what to do when your linear progression stops being quite so linear. Naturally, now I have to continue on the program so that I can apply all of that brain power to my programming.

Bench: Here my programming is somewhat beyond my control, because I’m continuing to go to Hostyle once a week. I intend to bench once a week on my own, but it will be programmed somewhat by ear. One thing that I’m starting to realize is that I don’t need to be working at my max in order to make progress – and in fact, working so close to my max every time I hit the gym is actually detrimental because it’s cutting into my recovery. The result is a giant positive feedback cycle which perpetuates continual suckage and a bad attitude on my bench. (I was slowly coming to this realization and then Texas Method basically spelled it out in black and white, so that I can no longer plead ignorance on this one.) So…. more volume at a lower working weight and maybe I’ll bench 315 someday.

Deadlift: As much as I love deadlifting, my pull has been feeling a little neglected and needs some more volume. I started Coan/Phillippi last week. I mangled my callouses within 5 minutes of starting so I can hope that I still have all of my limbs (and spine) in twelve weeks when it’s over. I may die, but at least I will die doing what I love and then my life will basically be a Shakespearean romance.

OHP:  This is a lift where my programming is made up and the weight doesn’t matter. Seriously, this lift doesn’t count for anything and I suck at it so why would I force myself to do this once a week? Ideally, I will do this on my TM light day when I don’t need to bench and am still trying to piece myself together from Coan but since I’ve already skipped it this week, I suspect this lift will continue to collect dust in the corner.

Cardio: Where do I go to get my powerlifting license revoked? I signed up to run a 10K in May and am planning to do the Spartan Race in June. Both of those things require more lung capacity than I currently possess, and I’m hoping that some regular cardio will help me lower my weight and bodyfat. Let’s be honest, I only go to the gym for vanity so I should probably be doing some cardio. Right now I’m aiming for one “long” run, working up to 10K and an HIIT session on the treadmill. I’ve also been doing 15 minutes of HIIT at the end of some of my lifting workouts and will probably continue to do that at least once a week.

So that’s my plan. I’m either going to show the slowly growing crowd of resolutioners how it’s done, or I’m going to seriously snap my shit up and give up in February just like the rest of ’em.


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