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Missed Texas Method Intensity Day: 260×4


Something good happened this week: I finally went on a decent run. I ran 5K in a Kenyan time of 35:40. Not my fastest time ever, but since I’ve done almost no running in the past 6 months, I consider running a continuous 5K a huge first step.

But a lot of not so good things happened this week. I’m feeling sick, tired and overworked this week and I’m trying to run on a caloric deficit. Let’s add my first squat failure on Texas Method to this giant pile of suck.

Honestly, I’m feeling so beat right now that I’m not sure whether I’m pissed or just sad that I missed this, since 255×5 felt so easy last week. I’m leaning towards switching to triples next week so that this isn’t technically a failure. Then I’ll ride out my triple progression as long as I can before taking a reset.

Or I’ll just take up marathon training and wallow in self-pity over my failure to squat. Just kidding. Ain’t gonna happen.


2 thoughts on “Missed Texas Method Intensity Day: 260×4

  1. Could be that you are asking a bit too much of yourself. The sudden shock of the run is a new stress for which you are not metabolically adapted , and this will very likely have compromised your lifting. I think that running the TM on a caloric deficit is also going to be seriously tough when you are feeling run down. On the plus side you still set a weight PR even if you missed a rep right?

    Rest up and come back stronger . You got this!

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