A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Bench Attempt 135

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Okay, so my quest for a better bench wench is ongoing and probably will be until I die. Today, I attempted 135 for the first time.

Here is the video, which comes with a few disclaimers because I don’t actually count this as a successful attempt yet.

1) I had already done 5 sets of heavy doubles and a fairly intense warm-up on the Prowler. I was not fresh by any means.

2) I’m still weak off the chest and had some help from my coach.

3) My ass was off the bench and I know it. I think this angle make it look worse than it really was but I need to work on keeping my ass down when it gets heavy. My coaches words were “You gotta lift it dirty before you lift it clean.” I am mildly reassured.

Anyway, despite having what appears to be a case of Plate Syndrome, at least I’m making progress. I should have a beautiful 135 bench press under my belt in no time.


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