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Weight loss update and progress pics


After my last meet, I said I was going to survive the holiday season and then I’d start trying to move down a weight class. It’s been a month since I started working on that goal, and I thought I’d do an update.

My diet has mostly been on track. I had 3 or 4 days where I went over my calorie limit but I think that’s pretty on par for trying to balance a social life. Right now I feel like I am in a place where I have the wheels on my diet and I’m driving the car straight. It’s reassuring that I’ve got my diet under control, but I’ve still been feeling frustrated because at the same time I seem to have zero control over the number on my scale.

I felt like I had come to a standstill because I’ve been losing the same 10lbs over and over since September. I was ready for them to be gone! Then this morning I woke up and weighed in at my lightest weight ever. I mean, I’m lighter now than I was after artificially getting my weight down through waterloading. I was so happy that I even did a little dance to celebrate – that burns calories, right?

There are a few things that I’ve become conscious of over the past few weeks: first, keeping track of my weight loss has been instrumental in staying on track. It is reassuring to see the decreasing trend, when the number on the scale seems a little too high on any given morning. The fact of the matter is that I have lost weight this month and it’s happening at the rate I need to reach 63 kg by the end of March. All I need to do is stay on track. It’s that simple.

Weight loss feb 2012 graph

Second, I’ve had a few people comment in the past couple of weeks that I look like I’ve lost weight. Initially, I was annoyed with these comments. It doesn’t matter if I look like I’m 63 kg if that’s the category I want to compete in, and as much as these remarks were well intentioned they only seemed to remind me that the scale is barely moving. At the same time, I need to accept that visual changes are an indication that I’m doing something right, and if I give it enough time the scale will reflect fat loss. All I need to do is stay on track. It’s that simple.

Just to reassure myself, I decided to take some progress pictures. It’s been a while since I’ve done this and I want to make sure that I can see what everyone else is seeing. Plus, if lifting is supposed to be the best way to tone and sculpt women’s bodies then I should still seem some progress even if my weight has only fluctuated by 10 lbs, right?

June 2011 - June 2012 - February 2013

June 2011 – June 2012 – February 2013

June 2011 - June 2012 - February 2013

June 2011 – June 2012 – February 2013

I am annoyed that I’ve moved a couple of times in the past few years because I haven’t kept a consistent angle for my progress shots. Oh, and I’m kind of in shock. I keep telling people that I’m still rocking the power belly – but it’s shrinking! My ass still has a mind of its own, but who am I to try and stop something that has its own orbit?

This might sound stupid but finally after nearly two years, I feel like I see a difference. Real change takes time, but all doing all those little things day in and day out does add up. This year I’m going to reach 132lbs, which will be 100lbs lost. All I need to do is stay on track. It’s that simple.


5 thoughts on “Weight loss update and progress pics

  1. Also, Out of curiosity, what’s your daily caloric intake?

    • Thanks! I have already started typing up a post on some of my eating habits. This month I’ve basically been down to ~1300 cal/day, with a giant refeed/carbload on Saturdays. I don’t think this is a super healthy way to eat, so I tried to skip the refeed and basically died in the gym every time I tried to lift. No bueno.

      So, since last week I’m trying to calorie cycle. I’m aiming for 1750 cal on Monday (Squats/Bench), Tuesday (Deadlift), and Friday (Squats). Every other day I’m aiming for ~1350, including a 2 light lifting days and a running day. Still feeling out whether that’s going to work for me or not, but so far so good.

      • Oofta! that’s low! I’m hovering around 70-72Kilos lately (depending on the day of the month) and trying to get down to 68Kilo weight class. It’s going SO SLOW (/not at all the past two weeks). I usually eat around 1800 calories/day and have been debating trying to drop it down to 1600. However, I fear missing lifts more than anything.

        But hmmmmmmm … perhaps you’re onto something with this calorie cycling thing.

  2. Fantastic work with your weight loss!

    I was wondering if I could use your pictures for a progression app that I’m releasing soon call Photarg? We turn photos into a videos so you can watch the progress happen right in front of you.

    I think your pictures would be a fantastic example and may help many more people make a positive change in their lives.

    Thank you.

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