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Texas Method Intensity Day: New Squat 5RM


I could feel disappointed today. My goal was to squat 300lbs at 150lbs bodyweight by February 8th. Today is February 8th. I do not weigh 150lbs. I did not squat 300lbs.


My weight is down to 151.2 and is continuing to move in the right direction. That’s officially 15lbs lost since Christmas, and I’ve lost 2″ off my waist which is a big deal for me. So, that soothes the pain a little.

And we’re going out for Mexican food later so I’m feeling even better. I budgeted my calories quite wisely today: I still have ~1000 calories left to eat and I timed my pre-workout meal properly, so I was able to get in a good squatting session at the gym. It went something like this:

I may not have put up a new 1RM of 300, but it just so happened that I was scheduled to squat my max from my meet in mid-December. After my failed attempt at 260×5 a couple of weeks ago, someone commented that I appeared to by rushing my set-up and linked me to this tutorial. I’ve narrowed my grip and stance when setting up under the bar, and I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid panicking once I get the bar on my back. The changes seem to have made a difference. Oh, and I switched to triples but I’m a powerlifter so counting to three is hard and today I accidentally did five.

They aren’t the prettiest reps, but as far as I’m concerned they all hit depth and I’m jazzed. What can I say? It’s my birthday and I’ll squat morning if I want to.


2 thoughts on “Texas Method Intensity Day: New Squat 5RM

  1. That was a great tutorial, can’t wait to squat monday now…

    • Tutorial is courtesy of Shortkid. I was initially a little offended that he thought I needed a beginner squat set-up tutorial, but as usual he knows what he’s doing. Hope it translates equally well in your own squat! 😀

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