A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Coan/Phillipi Week 9: 360×1


In this video, I channel my inner-swolesister and pull 360lbs wearing my very own DIY workout tank:

Not featured in the video: the standing ovation I received from the weight room. My cameraman and I were too busy celebrating.


8 thoughts on “Coan/Phillipi Week 9: 360×1

  1. Great blog!

    The weights you’re swinging are really impressive. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. That didn’t even look hard.

    • Lol. It was hard.

      Part of the reason it actually happened is because I was pissed off that while warming up, I failed to get 335 off the ground.

      • And you tried a higher weight? How much time did you give yourself in between?

      • Okay well I pulled 315×1 then attempted 360 and it wouldn’t budge after about 5 minutes rest.

        Attempted 355. Couldn’t get it off the floor.

        Attempted 335: same story.

        Took a 5 minute breather. Bitched a bit.

        Did another 315 single, took about 3 minutes rest.

        Got 355 easy. Waited another 2-3 minutes and got the lift in the video.

        I think there were a few things going on. I wasn’t in my normal deadlifting spot and there was a trainer there who stresses me out. Once he left, I was fine. Totally a mental thing. Plus I think I was overly conservative on my warm-up and needed to take less rest time before the heavy pull…

  3. omg. omg. i hate you…but love you. amazing.

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