A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Squat 1RM testing


Okay. So, I hadn’t max tested my squat since my meet in December and since I’ve maxed on bench and DL since then, I figured I would do some testing and hopefully squat 305lbs, which would put my gym total at 800lbs. I was also eyeballing 295lbs which would be my 2x body weight squat, since I weighed in at 147.4 this morning.

Basically, I attempted 295. It felt easy.

I went for 305 and got pinned (not in the video).

I attempted 300 and it felt okay. Then I watched the videos of my two “successful” lifts and realized they were both high.

At this point I was mega-annoyed and re-attempted 295. My form broke down pretty bad but I’m saying I hit depth on this one. If internet tough guys want to disagree, that’s fine by me.

I want to say I’m not upset about this, but being so close and yet so far away from an 800 lb total is at least mildly annoying.

I’m also a little bit sad because those hot pink shorts aren’t doing anything to hide the fact that I still have white girl ass. Must. squat. more.


9 thoughts on “Squat 1RM testing

  1. Hey,

    So I was watching the video and was wondering why do you keep willing to push super hard on the weight instead of going lower but more reps… because even though you lift 300lbs for squat one rep isn’t enough… I have seen you lost a lot of weight and it’s great I am sure you feel better about that. Be careful though because lifting too much will hurt your back mostly when you lean forward with that much on your spine. Just be careful you know.

  2. By definition a one rep max is only performed for one repetition.

    This blog is intended for people who are interested in strength training. It is basic knowledge in this domain that heavy lifting is not dangerous when performed correctly, and training for strength is best achieved in the low rep range.

  3. I guess I said that because you said “I’m also a little bit sad because those hot pink shorts aren’t doing anything to hide the fact that I still have white girl ass. Must. squat. more. “

  4. Nevermind just delete posts 😉

  5. Dat squat. For real, your progress is pretty damn amazing, especially when one considers that you’re on a calorie deficit. Just to clarify (so I can maybe steal your programming), you’re running Texas method for squats and Coan-Phillipi for deadlift?

    Also, as someone who also suffers from major white girl ass, try Romanian Deadlifts and glute bridges/hip thrusts. Those have helped me transition to “slightly less majorly white girl” ass.

    • Yup.

      Monday: Squat Volume Day (+OHP)
      Tuesday: C/P
      Wednesday: Light squats + volume bench

      Friday: Intensity Squat
      Saturday: ME Bench

      I realize my bench gets somewhat neglected in that plan, but since it wasn’t doing much of anything anyway, I am surprisingly okay with that. If you look at the layout of that, it should explain what I meant the other day when I said I reduce my deficit 3 days/week. I need it M/Tu/F.

      And good luck fitting RDLs in there! That’s something that I know I need but haven’t been able to squeeze in anywhere. I’ll have to work on being less self conscious about the hip thrusts…

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