A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training log: March 6th


The problem with Wednesday is that I usually feel wiped long before I even step foot in the gym. By the time I arrive at the squat rack, I’ve already been to school, to work, back to school, home for supper and then back to school, again. With so much do on Hump Day, I try to get my light workout done as quickly as possible.

I was especially grateful for a light day today, in light of the fact that I am currently rocking a bit of a Jesus complex:


We all have our crosses to bear.

It’s a good thing that lifting does not require the use of your hands for things like front squats, bench press, dips, pulldowns or curls, which were the things I did today. I also went through a record number of band-aids in under and hour.

I wanted to stick to my programming, though. I’ve switched out light back squats in favour of front squats since multiple people have now told me that front squats are the key to fixing the ugly squat morning that appears at my max.

I tried to start with a weight that was challenging but would still give me some room to progress in the weeks moving forward. I was also curious to see how much I collapsed at the bottom, since I’d never filmed myself front squatting before. These look better than I expected, though I can see myself beginning to collapse as I get tired. Which brings me to my next point: after posting my interpretation of banded speed pulls yesterday, someone sent me a Mark Bell video and I was quick to put 2 and 2 together.

The idea of having a 2700 lb total might be hard to wrap my head around. But that two-part deadlift? I do that! If I can turn a lift into a goodmorning, I will. But that’s just confirmation of what I already suspected: I need to knock the weight down a bit and decrease the band tension in order to focus on achieving a nice smooth pull. It’s funny: I’m always telling the dudes in the gym that where their head goes, the rest will follow. It’s advice that I’ve heard repeated time and time again, from so many different people. I guess I just need to remember that it applies to me, too!

Dinner: Taco Salad with Lime

Dinner: Taco Salad with Lime

Paleo Points

I was feeling really hungry and ate a lot of snacks today, so I know my calorie count was a bit high today. (Un)fortunately, my newfangled points system does not reflect that reality. But even with my diet on track,  I am seriously re-considering this cut to 63 kg. I am inclined to blame my weight for missing that 300lb squat a few weeks ago, and I’m still bitter about it. I just want to be skinny and strong, okay!?

Oh, and I should have gone to bed at 10:30 but instead I played “15 more minutes” on Reddit, and I am a master at that game.

Wednesday, March 6 (Day 4): 9

Total Points: 39


3 thoughts on “Training log: March 6th

  1. Try binding your hands with medical tape – not the paper stuff, but the plastic stuff that has a texture (I think it’s called micropore or transpore something like that – they should have something at Shopper’s). You can wrap it kind of around your hands, so it doesn’t crunch up under the bar.

  2. Well, this I learned from burning my hands on a pan the day before deadlift day, I have alot of stupid experiences like that I can pull from so I should be good…

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