A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training Log: March 11th


No Smolov. I want to run it before my meet. But I received a text message from one of my coaches this weekend. He was just checking in on me, which warms the cockles of my cold, cold heart. They are benching off boards without me this month. I am a little bit sad because I have never benched off boards and one of my team members got 190 off a stack of 4. I hope that when I’m 59 I can be strong like her. In the meantime, as much as I fantasize about competing in deadlift only meets for the rest of my life, I am absolutely not at a point where I can neglect my measly bench. So it’s back to my regularly scheduled programming.

That means I had to squat and OHP tonight and after feeling kind of down about my lifts these past couple of days, I was happy to finally have a solid workout. In addition to trying to fix my foot misalignment, I tried to implement the Tony Gentilcore double-breath tightness technique on my squat and it worked wonders. I worked up to 260x8x3 on squat and everything felt solid and tight.

I was also happy with my OHP because I banged out 80x6x4, which is what I’d been aiming for last week when I struggled to get 80lbs off my chest for a single set of three. My OHP is weak on a good day and inconsistent the rest of the time. It suffers from a bad case of “It sucks, so I never train it and I never train it, so it continues to suck.” I can’t even pretend to care, either. It’s not like people are out there throwing around their OHP numbers in metaphorical dick-waving contests. I can’t even think of a time where someone’s asked me how much I can OHP. So I’m not exactly losing sleep over the matter.

I haven’t talked much about my accessory work in my training log, but I think it’s worth mentioning and I consider OHP an accessory lift. What else do I do? Well, on Mondays I do some of my only lower body-accessory work. I have a long-standing issue in my right hip, which pre-dates any form of lifting. Nowadays, it tends to manifest itself as hip pain during my squat and bench. There are certain movement patterns that produce a click, and occasionally I get sciatica-like pain running down the back of my legs. But even with pain, I still suck at doing dedicated mobility work. Lately, I’ve read a few things on how to incorporate lifts that improve mobility into your routine and the whole idea holds a lot of appeal for me.

Bret Contretas just had a guest blogger talking about lifts intended to correct the T-spine, which I could probably benefit from. But so far, I’ve been focused on my hip. Specifically, I’ve been incorporating Goblet Lateral Lunges into my accessory work on Mondays, and they seem to have reduced the post-workout pain that I’d been experiencing. And yes, I did find these when I was looking for alternatives to the only other “lift” I know that works the adductors, which is the good girl/bad girl machine. At least these spare my pride.

And seriously, doing these after squats is absolutely killer. It seems like every Monday night, a new bro walks into the gym just as I’m struggling my way through these. I’m always left wondering why they couldn’t have shown up 30 minutes earlier so that they could see me moving some actual weight. Then I remember it doesn’t matter because I think they’re all bros and they all think I’m a giant dyke.


Mustard glazed chicken with wilted kale and bacon

Food Diary

I think part of the reason I had such a good workout is because I’m in a good place mentally, having ditched my Paleo point system on Saturday. Eliminating dairy seems to have fixed the digestive issues I was experiencing, so I’m not giving up on the concept of Paleo entirely. I am enjoying the benefits of sleeping 8 hours every night and learning how to cook with new foods. But I resented having such strict rules and I don’t think that’s totally crazy. I want to be able to enjoy a Diet Coke when I’m watching TV on Friday night and I like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups a lot, okay?! I don’t want to gorge myself. I just want to give myself permission to eat those things on occasion, without experiencing feelings of mega-guilt that ruin any possible enjoyment of those things. In short: I was buggin’ out over not having cream in my coffee.

In all seriousness, that points system was leading me to some quite obviously  disordered eating habits and I felt incredibly deprived. When I decided to end this madness, I went out and bought chocolate. Everything I’ve eaten since is perfectly Paleo. I’ve even been taking my coffee black, which makes me think that I didn’t really want junk food so much as I wanted to have a choice in what I ate, instead of being restricted by bunch of arbitrary rules.

So I’m in a better place mentally, my body finally co-operated and had a good weigh-in and it’s nice to be enjoying what I choose to eat. There are probably some pretentious Paleo assholes out there who would argue that I gave-up because I’m weak. But I’ve also realized that most people who identify as Paleo allow themselves indulgences on occasion, and those are necessary in order to retain some semblance of sanity. So maybe giving up was really just giving myself permission to succeed in the long run.


2 thoughts on “Training Log: March 11th

  1. Hehe, ever tried replacing the Reese’s peanut butter for a peanut butter version of protein shake or powder? I’ve heard the Oh Yeh! ones are not bad 😉

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    I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!


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