A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training log: March 12th


After a great squatting and OHP session yesterday, I was feeling a little beat up and tired when I hit the platform this afternoon. The result was some atrocious deadlifting, especially on my ‘heavy’ set of 325×2:

Close enough.

The thing about deadlifting is that I always feel like I’ve been hit by a truck after the gym, so currently I don’t have the energy to worry about the fact that these pulls felt way harder than my max attempt a couple of weeks ago. Let’s call this a bad day. Apart from squatting yesterday, I’d venture to guess there were a few factors that contributed to my lacklustre performance. Factors that are totally not excuses, by the way.

First, my hands are still a bit gnarly from ripping my callouses off last Tuesday, and even with band-aids, tape and chalk, picking up the bar was painful. I managed to get into the groove during my speed pulls and pulled an extra 325 single at the end of my session, but right now my hands really just need some TLC and time to heal.

I did go back and watch Rippetoe’s video on grip. One thing I’ve noticed is that the callouses on my reverse grip hand are much worse than my overhand side. Unfortunately he doesn’t specifically address reverse grip but the principle is the same and I need to be conscious of where I’m holding the bar.

Another thing that threw me off a bit today was the fact that I had to workout in the afternoon. I have an appointment this evening, so I was missing my deadlifting buddy Gary.

I also tried to time my lifting session so that I wouldn’t be around when the powerlifting class started. I know I’m a huge hypocrite because I don’t think women should be intimidated by the weightroom. But on Tuesdays, a personal trainer gives a 2-hour lesson on powerlifting to about half a dozen guys who otherwise seem to have very little lifting experience. I have no interest in deadlifting while that’s going on. I confess that I did hang around for the first few minutes under the guise of stretching. I am still in the market for a powerlifting boyfriend, but I did not see any potential candidates.

If I felt a little intimidated by the presence of all these guys, it is at least a two-way street. I had a bit of a revelation last week. I was squatting 255 and the guys in the rack beside me were struggling with 95lbs. I feel like it does a certain amount of balls to stand there and be out-squatted by a 150-lb white woman.


Food Diary

Now that I have my calorie cycle back on track and I took away that stupid Paleo challenge, I feel like I’m back in control of my diet. My afternoon snack was a cup of  tea with a nut and grain-free Paleo “granola” bar that I made from a recipe on The Paleo Mom over the weekend.  I have to say I feel pretty accomplished over these babies since they go beyond my usual cooking fare. One problem is that I don’t think I chopped up of the ingredients enough since they are pretty crumbly. The taste is fine but I’m not sure if I’d make them again.


6 thoughts on “Training log: March 12th

  1. Do you do any specific grip work?

  2. You should consider investing in a pair of lifting straps. I train double overhand with straps for heavy training sets, then use switch grip at competitions and have never had grip issues. They are great. Plus you are less likely to tear a bicep or develop asymmetrical back musles if you train with them.

  3. You know which Y you need to start lifting at to get a powerlifting boyfriend. There are some decent (young) dudes there.

    I had a crappy workout yesterday as well, so bad that I wrote a coach who I hope to go see tomorrow. Something I’ve been meaning to go do for a few weeks. Will let you know how it goes.

    • I know. Hopefully once I am an adult I can get out there more often.

      And oh man! I want details!!! Who what when! Fill me in with how it goes! Your squat seems to be doing well from what you’ve been logging, though.

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