A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training log: March 13th


I suck at recovery. And that’s not exactly news today but today was one of those days when my whole body was screaming, “Slow down and give me a break!” Everything feels a bit tired and stiff after my heavy sessions on Monday and Tuesday, and then I stayed up late last night in order to finish a presentation on otter penises. Clearly I have my priorities straight.

Anyway, after giving my presentation this evening, my brain stopped working so it was time to head to the gym.Last week I started my front squats at 145lbs. I wanted to start conservative. What the hell was I thinking? Obviously I wasn’t thinking about how heavy 155 would feel this week:

I thought I filmed all 5 squat sets but apparently not. I also threw in my light bench work at the end. I’m trying to use my lighter day to get comfortable with a long pause. We’ll see if it works.

Then I did some bench, dips, pull-downs, curls, etc. Have I mentioned that my accessory work on Wednesdays makes me feel like a bro? Even though I feel like my upper back and shoulder are some of my best looking features, I’m still weak in all those places. Coincidentally, I think they’re the muscles that the bench bros in my gym overtrain. Which might explain why my bench is so weak, though I did read a very reassuring Tony Gentilcore article today and it was reassuring to know I’m not the only lifter who doesn’t care for benching.

Actually on that note, my local fed released their 2012 rankings last week. I’m ranked for all three lifts and total. I actually laughed at the fact that my bench made it into the top five junior women – I beat myself up so badly about my bench but I’m not doing so bad.  I do have some improvements to make if I want to make the rankings again in 2013, since I’m in Open now. Being a grown-up sucks.


Food Diary

I’ve had $7.42 in my bank account since Saturday and as a result, I’ve been eating the same three meals every day, using the staples in my pantry. This is lunch. It’s some sort of sweet potato casserole, inspired by a recipe on Mark’s Daily Apple. It’s eggs, grated sweet potato, peas, mushrooms and browned ground beef thrown together and baked. Despite the fact that it looks like cat vomit, it’s actually pretty tasty.


4 thoughts on “Training log: March 13th

  1. But seriously… it looks JUST like cat vomit. (I’d never judge though, many of my meals look like cat vomit)

  2. Looks more appealing than Meat Slop ala Hydra.

    We’re in the same boat. I have to figure out how to allow my muscle strain to heal while NOT stopping training. Yesterday, I was dizzy, nauseous, grouchy, and in total rib cage agony. But do I consider ANY of that before doing squats? Nope. And do I still get angry with myself when I don’t hit depth and can’t go heavy? Yep.

    I really actually do want to know more about otter penises. I mean, c’mon. They have to be cute. Everything about otters are cute. What are you studying to become? If you say any one of the following, I would like to trade jobs with you: marine biologist, zookeeper, zoologist, veterinarian, farmer, or crazy cat lady.

    • I noticed you’d been quiet for a few days and wondered if you’d succumbed to lifting related injuries. Good luck trying to work through it. That’s rough.

      Here is the run down: Otter penises in England are shrinking, possibly due to the fact that the waterways they live in are polluted. Since English people drink that water, there is some concern that human penises could shrink as a result (slightly exaggerated, but not really). The problem is that otters have a bone in their penis and it’s the weight of the bone that is decreasing, not the actual length of the appendage… and they don’t exactly know what the cause is.

      (I study rocks but I had to give a talk on an environmental research topic and this piqued my interest for obvious reasons…)

  3. I suck at recovery, too. I suck so bad at it that when I take time to deload and recover I come back weaker! Also re: your previous post, I’m glad you’re not strictly doing paleo anymore, because we all would go insane without our little concessions every now and then. Great lifts as usual.

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