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Training log: March 15th

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Welp. I signed up for a meet.

Actually, I tried to sign up for a meet but I accidentally sent the meet director a copy of my chemistry homework instead of my entry form. He wrote me back a bit confused but in the end I got it all sorted out and now I’m signed up for the Ottawa Open as a 63kg lifter.

A small part of me is freaking out. Doing a meet can be fun, though I find the actual preparation to be mentally and physically draining. I’ve been having a bit of a self-imposed off-season, which has been good. First and foremost I’ve been able to deal with finishing off my final semester at uni. It’s been seven goddamn years and I am ready to graduate and be an adult. Making that decision was surprisingly easy because there are things more important than deadlifting. But without beating myself up over my lifts every time I go to the gym, I’ve also been able to make solid progress in losing weight and getting my lifts up. So I do feel like I’m in a place now where I can think about competing again, even if the meet isn’t until July.

Even though there is a lot of time to prepare, I know this meet will fill up. I am fortunate enough to live in a city with a well established powerlifting community – and I’m excited because this will be the first time I’ve competed in a local meet. I won’t have to travel or sleep in a hotel! I also expect a good turn out from the ladies. In fact, shortly after signing up, the meet director posted a notice saying the meet has already had over 20 people sign up, including 13 women.

I’m on the list but so is one of my friends who will be doing her first meet. She is the person who encouraged me to take up lifting and I’m psyched to see what she can do in a meet scenario. Anyway, she is busy doing her own preparation and planning to get her qualifying totals for CPU Nationals in 2014. What do I want to do?

Obviously a good start would be to weigh in under 63kg. Since I’ve been telling everyone that’s my plan for the past year, it needs to happen. Thank God I weighed in at 67.7 kg this morning. Getting back under 150lbs was a good way to start my preparation and I feel like I’m in a good place this week, even after a couple of weeks of emotional eating.

In terms of my actual lift numbers, I wanted to get my Wilks over 400. I’m going to aim for 152.5/62.5/185 (or 335/135/405 if you’re a Gringo). Each of those lifts seems slightly challenging but obtainable which is what I want in a goal – except that when I added up the total, it came out as 400 kg. Scary.

So with that magical number hanging over my head, I had to get myself into the gym for a squat and bench session this evening. It was 280×3 day on Texas Method, which is a new 3RM. The last time I was supposed to attempt this, all I got was 300×0. Depth felt good tonight although I didn’t think I would get out of the hole on my first rep. I tried to record these, but I never hit the button the start recording. Technology is not my strong suit.

After my heavy set, I threw in some squat walkouts at 335. Since that’s my goal for the meet I need to get an idea of what it feels like on my back. Plus all the people on my fitocracy feed have been doing them. I’m really just a sheeple. But at least I’m not a sheeple that was crushed like a bug by 335lbs.

Then I did some bench. Please excuse my power belly on these:

These were alright. There is something terribly satisfying about getting 100×10 when my meet bench was 99lbs once upon a time. I did some close grip and incline as accessory work and both of those sucked. I’d been considering going to bench with my team tomorrow, but after whining all week about how beat up I’m feeling, I think it’s best to rest up. TGIF.

Lemon & Dill Tilapia with Rosemary Sweet Potato Spears

Lemon & Dill Tilapia with Rosemary Sweet Potato Spears

Food Diary

I got paid on Wednesday, which I really needed because my cupboards were getting kind of bare. On Thursday I went to Costco. My boss asked me why I was going there. I told my him that I needed to buy meat and then I asked him if he wanted anything. He declined saying he already had lots of meat and I responded with, “Good. ‘Cause I’m gonna buy it all.” He laughed. I wasn’t joking.




swansonSo at least now I’m back to eating real food that doesn’t look it has already been eaten once. I had tilapia for lunch and it was delicious. I also made a turkey spaghetti sauce and served it over squash for dinner. I’d been thinking about the fact that eating Paleo has increased the colour spectrum of my diet and the spaghetti sauce was particularly colourful when I dumped it all over my kitchen floor. So I’m not sure how it tasted, but my cat seemed to think it was pretty good.




One thought on “Training log: March 15th

  1. I haven’t read but the couple most recent posts of your blog, so this might come off a bit condescending, but have you watched Dave Tate’s stuff on getting set up for bench pressing? Perhaps it’s different for women with the height of the bench or something, but it doesn’t seem to me like dropping down off the bench like that would be the best way to get tight for the press. I’m always willing to learn something new though.

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