A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training log: March18th


I have never felt so naked at the gym.

You see, I had a gift card for lululemon and I used it to buy a sports bra this weekend. I’d never bought anything from there before because I knew it was overpriced. But I don’t think I fully understood just how expensive it really was until I bought this bra off the clearance rack and it was still $39 + tax. That’s more than I spent on groceries this week. In fact, that’s more money than I have in my bank account right now. So maybe if I show it off a little and maybe if I use the bag as a lunch box for the next 6 months, I’ll be able to assuage the feelings of guilt that are consuming me.


Actually, looking at these pictures I realize that I am more covered up than a lot of girls at the gym. But this outfit is downright skanky compared to what I normally wear and I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate for someone of my size to wear this outfit. Plus, I’ve noticed that even though my gym is often crowded in the evenings, I am frequently the only woman in the entire building and then I start to feel uncomfortable. What if the guys don’t think I’m hot enough to pull off this look?

Perhaps it’s all a moot point because as you can see, this bra was so expensive that I couldn’t afford to buy a new shirt and so I resorted to cutting up more of my old fat clothes.

Seriously though, money is stressing me out. I am running away from my problems both figuratively and literally. I’m avoiding my landlord and I ran 5 miles yesterday – or at least I did whatever it is that powerlifters do that resembles running. As a result, I ended up skipping my lateral lunges in favour of foam rolling since my IT bands feel tighter than skinny jeans on a hipster. But I still had to squat, unfortunately.

I feel like I haven’t quite recovered from last week’s volume day so I altered my progression a bit and used more of a ramp-up style, which I think is one of the recommendations when you aren’t recovering enough on the 70s Big Texas Method. By the time I got to my 265 triples, I was worried that I wasn’t hitting depth. So I recorded myself. Depth looked okay. And there was a beautiful squat morning!

I was supposed to OHP tonight, too. But I can only seem to have a decent OHP session every other week and that happened to be last week. I ended up just push pressing, which I might start doing intentionally on alternate weeks just to avoid the feelings of anger and annoyance that I experience every time I fail my OHP. The other thing I’m considering trying is taking a page from Greyskull LP and pressing before the squats, which really do tucker me out.

After push presses, I did assisted pull-ups, DB rows and tricep pushdowns as my accessory work tonight, mostly just working with what was free. I was feeling kind of lazy, but I’m glad I stuck around. Two of the dudes working out ended up providing ample entertainment by loudly discussing how they want to look like The Rock. In 4 months. While OHPing 65lbs. And doing a 5-day arms/shoulders/chest/back/abs split. Ya, good luck with that. And I suddenly feel a lot less worried about who might be judging me at the gym.

Swirly crustless quiche

Food Diary

I did a ton of batch cooking this weekend – enough to cover all of my meals until Wednesday.

I needed something other than grainless granola and scrambled eggs, so for breakfast I decided to try yet another meal from Practical Paleo. I was a bit hesitant to try this recipe because it seemed so stupidly simple that it could not possibly taste good. And it contains carrots, which are technically on my list of “Top 3 disgusting vegetables that I will not eat”. But like all of the recipes in this book, the accompanying picture was gorgeous and I really need an easy breakfast option during the week. So I gave it a try. Luckily, a dozen eggs are no match for a couple of measly carrots! I’m pretty impressed with how delicious this tastes. My only qualm is that I’m pretty sure a “crustless quiche” is actually called a frittata.


2 thoughts on “Training log: March18th

  1. I’m pretty sure women are the only people who would judge someone as not being hot enough to pull off what is, essentially, a tank top. Guys are generally more forgiving, and respect confidence. I’m also sure they are probably too busy being intimidated by your lifts to think about what you are wearing, unless you come in wearing booty shorts and just the bra, and even then about half of them would be all over that.

    • To be fair, I was stressing out the entire time I was the gym and then when I got home and typed it out, I was thinking, “Men don’t think like this. I only think like this because I’m a woman.”

      And… I workout right next to the village so I’m not sure they’d be all over it in any situation. I’ll try not to take it personally.

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