A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training Log: March 22nd


Yesterday was the Federal Budget announcement. The program I work for was not renewed, making it even more unlikely that I will have a job upon graduation.

If I manage to graduate. I might drown in a sea of homework before I receive a diploma.

Oh, and my landlord has been calling to find out when I’ll be bringing my new roommate in to sign the lease. No such person exists.

I’ve had $12 in my bank account since last Friday. Somehow I still managed  to rub all of my pennies together and procure a bottle of wine last night. And cookies. And ice cream that I stayed awake and ate until 2:30 in the morning.

I feel like I’m a dog turd that’s been attacked by a meat tenderizer and then run over by a steam roller.

Can’t say I was overly enthusiastic about trying to set a new squat 3RM today.

Nor was I terribly surprised that they appear to be high.



2 thoughts on “Training Log: March 22nd

  1. That is shitty. Really shitty.

    They don’t look too high to me…hard to tell with black shorts. If they’re high it’s by like a centimeter or something. Pretty good for staying up until 2:30am.

    • They looked fine when I watched the replay on my phone right afterwards. And I’d like to think these probably would have passed at Ottawa Open and maybe even provincials. But if you go look at how many women made their squats at nationals this week…. they were SO strict about depth and I agree with Craig who said these would not have passed based on those calls.

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