A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training Log: April 3


I’ve been lifting late on Wednesday nights all semester because I had a research seminar to attend until 9. Luckily, the course finished last week. I aced it, so I’m pretty pleased with myself. Even better is the fact that now I can get to the gym a bit earlier, instead of stumbling home at midnight.

That said, Wednesday remains a lighter day for me, despite switching to Sheiko for my squat and bench. After my first sheiko session on Monday and heavy deadlifting yesterday, I need to make sure I’m allowing myself enough recovery. That said, I do find that a lighter day has its advantages, since it prevents me from getting too creaky without impairing my recovery.

So I went and did “the Sheiko routine”, which is to say that I was supposed to do mostly rack pulls and pulls to the knee. Instead, I did some OHP and the accessory work:

  • Incline Bench Press 4×6
  • Dip 5×5
  • Lunge 5×5
  • Abs 3×10

Basically my equivalent of a vanity workout. Overall kind of a boring day.

Instead, let’s talk about something that’s kind of old news but I keep meaning to mention it on my blog and now I am.Voila!

I received my copy of the OPA newsletter in the mail a couple of weeks ago now. I was skimming through it when I saw my name! I was momentarily confused because most of my interactions with the OPA involve me being totally clueless.Then I saw that the author was Craig, who’d been such a tremendous help to me at the meet and everything made a lot more sense. THANKS CRAIG!!!


I even got a text message from someone saying, “Nice shout out in the newsletter.” So thanks to everyone for stroking my ego, I really enjoy feeling like I’m almost famous.

Re-reading this article is getting me totally stoked for Provincials which will be held in town in November. With CPU Nationals being held so nearby, I suspect that Provincials will be a much bigger affair than last year and I am anxious to see how far I can get on a year’s worth of serious training. In fact, I realized that it was almost a year ago that I had my first Powerlifting session and Corey asked me “So… Do any of you compete?” And I said, “Ha. No. I just want you to teach me how to deadlift so I can do NRL4W.” Then 5 weeks later, I remember pulling 260, failling 265 and being SO EXCITED.

I went back to find the video of that pull and it looks like that was on June 24th, which if even later than I’d realized. I need to chill the fuck out. I feel like my lifts never go anywhere, but somehow I’ve added 110lbs to my deadlift in under a year? Clearly my progress is going somewhere. And that’s to say nothing about how fat I look that video.

Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash with Fried Eggs

Food Diary

The only thing I had hanging around from my Good Food Box was a massive sweet potato, so I needed to find a use for it. I decided to try a recipe for Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs with some bacon added in. I really love fried eggs, though they’re a bit pathetic without some bread to mop up the yolk at the end. As a substitute for bread, the hash was a little bit soggier than I expected  and I think I pre-exhausted my triceps grating the potato by hand. But this is like breakfast for supper and it was so good that I demolished my entire plate in approximately 6.2 seconds… so I guess it was a pretty successful meal.


2 thoughts on “Training Log: April 3

  1. The secret with hash is not to crowd your frying pan (then you’re basically steaming it), but you need a big frying pan or it’s a real PITA.

    Cool article…psyched to see you lift at provincials this year! That will be fun.

  2. sorry to spam your blog again but if I put 100 lbs on my deadlift in a year I’D GO APESHIT. you should be so proud of yourself. WITH WEIGHT LOSS. THE FUCK?! you are superwoman.

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