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Training log: April 10th

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Classes finished yesterday. I still need to study for exams, but it was nice to get in a workout this afternoon without worrying about all the assignments hanging over my head.

I also had a meeting with my boss this morning and he said a lot of nice things about me. Like how I’m so pro-active and they want to keep me around in the long term. But he also confirmed that I need to look out for myself in the short term, and so now I’m officially job hunting and that means I walked into the gym thinking, “No matter what happens today, this workout cannot be worse than writing a cover letter.”

For my Sheiko – Coan/Phillipi hybrid, I warmed up with the bench. I know it was my light day (95x4x6) but it felt heavy today, so I’m a bit nervous for Friday. My lats seem to be DOMSing pretty hard 24/7 with all the volume I’ve been doing. Hopefully that’s a sign that I’m hitting the places I’m weak.

I deadlifted according to C/P, pulling 345×2. Easy peasy. Well, not really but I had good speed on all of my reps today and didn’t struggle with lockout. I think I’m just totally dialed into my deadlifting sessions right now because I know that this could be the final stretch to pulling 405 and I just want it so bad. And hopefully I will have my phone/camera situation resolved, so that I can go back to timing my rest and filming my PRs.

I followed up with the C/P accessory work with dumbbell flyes supersetted in and tackled the lunges at the end. I got a ton of work done at the gym and was there for less than 2 hours. I feel like I’m becoming very efficient at working out. Is that a skill I can put on my resume?

Food Diary

It might just be that I’m not PMS insane, or it might be the fact that I upped my calories and cut back on the strictness, but I’ve been having fun with food this week. The Easter Bunny brought me two dozen Daryl’s bars that I’ve slowly been enjoying, and I found room in my meal plan for Smarties after deadlifting. My meals have still been Paleo, which seems to be keeping my macros on track overall.  I even made fish tacos for dinner last night! I was looking for a tilapia recipe and ended up working very loosely off of this recipe, since I’d never had fish tacos before. So not only am I cooking, but I’m cooking new foods which just way more adventuring than I can handle.

I’m also happy to report that I’ve successfully brewed my first batch of kombucha! And it was even better than the bottle that was gifted to me, if I do say so myself. I used some Tetley Blueberry Green Tea for that batch, just because it was the green tea that I had lying around. Now I’ve started on a slightly larger batch using Orange Pekoe, and I’m loving the strange sense of satisfaction that this whole process is giving me!

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One thought on “Training log: April 10th

  1. Came across this blog purely by accident. I’m a male in my mid 40’s been training for just over 10 years. I think what you’re doing is fantastic! Lifting some heavy weights there. If I could give some advice? Typically if I’m saying doing flat bench press, I do my heaviest weight on set 3 (275-285lbs) approximately as I use kilo’s over here in the UK. Also, listening to your MP3 with Metallica screaming in your ears can help motivate an extra rep or 2. Keep up the great work 🙂

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