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Training Log: April 16th

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Yesterday was supposed to be my Coan/Phillipi deadlift day. Except that when I started this whole hybrid program, I said it could be a really bad idea and today just so happened to be the day that it all caught up with me.

Part of the problem is not my programming. It’s just that I got impatient and just tried to rip 405 off the floor. I have no other excuses, really. And unfortunately this was not one of those risks that pays off: I got the weight about an inch off the floor, gave myself incredible DOMS all over and spent the rest of my afternoon pouting. Until I realized I actually feel kind of relieved to have screwed up this C/P progression.

I think I’m going to jump ship and just do the Sheiko programming for deadlifts. I know that I am the most schizophrenic lifter and dieter on the planet, but in the long run I think it’s for the best. It’s what I should have been doing since the start, and , I guess hindsight is just 20/20. I will probably get impatient again before my meet and want to set some PRs, but at least Sheiko is running me into the ground enough that I can feel okay with what I’m doing each time I hit the gym. At least there are tangible signs of improvement if not actual PRs.

I’m looking at doing #29 -> #37 -> #31 -> #32 in preparation for this meet, and I was planning to increase my squat and bench 12.5/6.5 each round. So even if I were to finish this cycle of C/P in three weeks, I’d have to figure out what to do with my deadlift and then I’d switch to Sheiko deadlifts at that point in time, anyway.

Part of my initial hesitation to do the Sheiko deadlifting was simply because I didn’t want to waste my time doing a bunch of rack pulls. I’ve since been informed that Ben Rice does Sheiko with full ROM and that sounds exhausting and awful and awesome. So might as well start with that. Which is what I did tonight.

Sheiko w3d3

Now, even after the shitshow that was yesterday, the deadlifting wasn’t stressing me out. I ended up pulling a few singles from the floor at 345, but considering I did manage to go pretty heavy yesterday and was feeling pretty taxed. Plus, I know that I haven’t built up my work capacity on these quite yet – I suspect it will come with time. And TMI: it’s Day 14, so it would have been a weak day no matter what.

Besides, I was a whole lot more freaked out to see 125x2x2 on bench after deficit deadlifts. This is the weight I couldn’t even get off my chest when I was prepping for my December meet.

Not the prettiest reps, and I realize my ass was up. But overall I’m happy, considering I went in expecting the roll of shame. And there is always an immense satisfaction to locking out a grinder like that – no matter how ugly.

One thing I noticed in watching the videos is that my feet could be tucked further back when I set-up. Right now I know it’s a mobility issue. I’m hoping that once I graduate I can find the time to do a bit more yoga or mobility work or something. If I get a job where I am now, I might take a yoga class at lunch time. There is also a mobility class at Hostyle on Tuesday nights that I’d like to check out. But first I need to graduate and I should spend some time studying, since I’ve spent most of this evening procrastinating at the gym. Sheiko’s good for a lot of things but not my homework, unfortunately.

Food Diary

Where do I begin? I’ve been eating a lot of lazy people food. Which started out as Steve’s Original Paleo Krunch, which was okay because it’s grain free and at least has some nutritional value. But now I’ve moved on to just plain ol’ cereal. Made from corn. If I eat a bowful of crappy cereal with kefir, does that make it any healthier? You know what? It doesn’t matter. I am a college student, I am broke and I am writing exams. Fuck cooking and fuck protein. At this point, I think we’ve pretty clearly established that I do what I want, whether I necessarily should or should not.


And after reading rave reviews of LoveBean Fudge over at PaleoOMG, I was curious to try the stuff. Well, guess what I happened notice sitting on a shelf at the local health food store yesterday? LoveBean Fudge Cream. And it turns out that you absolutely can eat  this stuff by the spoonful, right out of the jar.

Beyond delicious.

You know how Paleo people sometimes catch flack because they claim their diet is so healthy and then they find ways bend the rules and make “healthier” versions of junk food, which really leaves them no better off? Ya. This stuff would be the perfect example of Paleo junk food aka crack-cocaine for hippies. The good news is that I won’t accidentally find myself diving face-first into the jar of almond butter any time soon! The bad news is that I’m worried my jar of fudge will disappear faster than you can say “Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.” My only saving grace lies in the fact that this stuff is basically liquid gold. I had to scrounge up all the loose coins Had floating around my couch and pockets and took it to the bank so that I could pretend I have money. Then I used it to buy 8 fl. oz of this stuff. I have no regrets.

Even though I’ve been eating junk food all week, I’ve been having decent-ish weigh-ins. But then I read the Precision Nutrition series on Food Labelling which was very pretty interesting and only served to remind me of all the whole foods that I am not currently eating. Luckily, it was Good Food Box delivery day and I got apples! And romaine! So I came home and ate shrimp and cauliflower for dinner, like an adult. It wasn’t fudge, but it was still pretty good.

Stir-fried shrimp and veg with coconut aminos

April Good Food Box: 5 Bananas, 5 apples, 3 oranges, 2 kiwi, 2 heads of garlic, bell pepper, tomato, zucchini, 1lb of onions, 1 head of cauliflower, 1 head of romaine lettuce and 2lbs of carrots


One thought on “Training Log: April 16th

  1. I have been known to heat up coconut oil, coco powder, and maple syrup/honey for chocolate cravings. This is good on fried bananas. Basically the most delicious thing in the world and much less expensive than buying some sort of “paleo fudge” I’m sure.

    Generally however, I have vowed that if I am going to eat some junk, I am going to eat REAL FUCKING JUNK. Not paleo junk. This is why I hate most paleo blogs — Nothing but fucking cupcake recipes! (PALEO CUPCAKES SUCK ASS AND WE ALL KNOW IT! )

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