A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training Log: April 21

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The past few days in lifting:

Saturday:  I went and trained with my Hostyle team. It had been a while and they had moved into a new location. I got to try doing tire flips which were totally badass. They were incredibly addictive and exhausting. I sometimes wish I could tell my gym that they need to buy a landmine, a prowler, a deadlift jack, etc. We can add a tire to the list. Or I’ll look into doing some strongman stuff and going to a real gym once CPU Nationals are done. I also got to try reverse band benching, which I’d never done before. Stocker used a lot of tension because I was able to get 255×2 on my last set, and he was pretty impressed with that. His comment was, “Just wait until we get you in a shirt” so I guess at some point I am going to dabble in geared lifting, too. And even though the bands were helping, it was still incredibly satisfying to lift a bar with all those plates loaded on.

Sunday: I had promised to teach Gary how to front squat. One of his friends told him he should be front squatting. Never mind that I told him the same thing months ago, he is now interested in doing them. I looked ahead saw that I would be doing “heavy” front squats as part of Sheiko today, but I still felt like I needed to get into the gym since all I’ve been doing is sitting around on my butt and studying. I ended up front squatting with Gary and worked up to a new 3RM of 190lbs. I’m really pleased with how much front squat has progressed over the past couple of months! Less pleased about the fact that laughing and sneezing are both painful experiences today because of overwhelming ab DOMS.

I threw in some front plate raises (because I feel like my delts are underdeveloped) and some RDLs after front squats. The RDLs were fairly light, but I focused on stopping just off the floor and hanging out to maintain hamstring tension. Totally caught two “trainers in training” gawking at my sick deadlift and called them out for talking about me. The bar for women is set awfully low if 135lbs is considered strong.

Today: I started my final week of Sheiko #29! I feel like I just started this cycle and now it’s almost over:

Sheiko #29 w4d1

Squats felt really good today. I did everything unbelted except fora rep out at the end. I got 235×8, mostly because engaging my abs against the belt with DOMS was annoying. I probably had 2 more left in the tank, but I figured I should save those for front squats, which didn’t even up being all that bad. What killed me were the dips! Doing dips after benching 4x last week, benching earlier in my lifting session, front squatting heavy two days in a row, naturally weak triceps… there were a lot of reasons they sucked, ha! I got through them, though.

By the time my good morning rolled around, I was just hungry and anxious to get home so I could eat. Because I was a bit distracted by how hungry I felt, I went a bit lighter on the good mornings at the end. Got them done as fast as I could, but focused on getting as much stretch as possible in my hamstrings. Now I’m sitting on my couch and eating a protein bar and I feel a lot better.

Food Diary

My roommate moved out this weekend. Somewhat suddenly, but not really. In a lot of ways it was a huge relief because we haven’t been on speaking terms for a few months. But she was also the owner of our microwave. My cereal consumption levels are at an all-time high. Which is good, because it’s Earth Day and the environmentalist in me really struggles to justify eating so much meat, even in the name of gains. I’m also not feeling guilty about the fact that I’ve been to 3 different Starbucks locations for free coffee today. Weight was 70.4 kg this morning and I’m just at a point where I don’t care what I eat as long as I make weigh-in for my meet. I should find out on Wednesday whether I have a job for the summer, and then my number 1 priority will be to buy a microwave. And some protein.


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