A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training Log: May 1st


Was I worried about being unemployed and getting fat? Because so far unemployment is awesome!

My day started off with a delicious breakfast over a leisurely cup of coffee.  Generally, I’ve been eating like crap. I feel like I look okay – my legs look fine. But my stomach looks bloated. I feel bloated. And lethargic. Plus, May 1st was kind of the deadline I’d given myself to hunker down and get serious about getting my weight down for the meet in July. But you know what? I’ve tried to lose and re-lose the same goddamn 10lbs for the past year. I am like an expert in dieting who can’t lose weight. How fucked up is that? And! It’s making me miserable. So… I think I’m just going to try get my diet under control and eat when I’m hungry without going overboard. I know that’s not a quantifiable goal, but I should have a consistent and steady schedule for a while. Hopefully that will help me get on track, because I need to stop being such a hypocrite and deal with some of my disordered eating patterns. Breakfast was a good start.

Eggs with potatoes and blueberries

I’m considering buying a BodyMedia armband because I’m a total copycat. Also, I’m curious to see if that kind of direct feedback would prevent me from falling into the overly restrictive habits that have made me so unsuccessful in the past. I hate myfitnesspal because it always, always tells me to eat 1200 calories a day and that’s bullshit. But then… I aim to do it anyway? And then inevitably I find myself swimming in a tub of nacho cheese because I’m starving. Not exactly a recipe for success and if it hasn’t worked in the past then I need find something more sustainable. And I need to learn how to feed myself.

Anyway, after breakfast I went for a jog around the block. That 10k race is coming up rather quickly and it’s been a few days since I did any cardio.  At least the weather is nice out, so I turned this into my first outdoor run of the year, before going to Yoga on the Hill.


The local lululemon hosts a free outdoor yoga class on Parliament Hill on Wednesdays over the summer. I had never been, even though it is quite literally a block away from my apartment. My hip needed some TLC and I had a friend who was going, so I joined her. It was a fairly basic course and I’m still deciding whether or not my hip feels better. And sometimes I forget that there are women who workout almost exclusively via yoga, so it’s their strength training, too. Overall I felt relaxed and I felt so solid compared to my pre-lifting yoga days, but I also recall being a lot more flexible…

Afterwards, I was debating lifting. I’m not sure when my contract will start because I’m still waiting on my security clearance. And I lifted yesterday, so I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to shift everything back a day or try and play catch up today. I was feeling pretty good , so I decided to lift and get back to my normal schedule.

Sheiko #30 w1d3

Seriously, there is nothing like a deadlifting day to get me into the gym. Though, I adjusted my belt before lifting because it was feeling uncomfortably tight. One of the screws is missing. I didn’t notice a difference but I should look into resolving that.

Following up on last week, my first four sets were done sumo. I think my sumo PR was somewhere around 260 and I managed 275×3, though I was having all sorts of issues with my grip today.

Watching the video, I think I need to get my ass down more before the pull, but these felt much, much better than last week.

Bench was what I was worried about. Those were some heavy singles after deadlifting. I felt a little beat and my right tricep felt pinchy. But it is a testament to how much my bench has improved because all of these felt easy – fast, solid and paused. I ended up doing what has basically a giant dropset at the end but this workout still took forever. I ended up skipping the accessory work because I’d been in the gym for two and a half hours and I just wasn’t into it anymore.

But I actually did rack pulls. I didn’t think I’d be able to get 355 off the floor that many times, and I didn’t want to knock back the percentages. So I’m following the program! Huzzah! These were hard even with the reduced ROM and I’m curious to see how much carryover I get from them as I transition to sumo.

Now I’m going to round out the day in fitness by going to see Pain & Gain with Gary. I feel like I should just ask the box office for two tickets to the gunshow.


3 thoughts on “Training Log: May 1st

  1. I have been feeling the same fucking way about dieting….I want to give up, but I also, don’t like that I can’t just fucking do it! WHAT IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM WITH THESE 10-20 POUNDS!?!

    I was also thinking about copying off of Renee with that silly armband. She is making me so jealous lately…

    • Ya. Dieting is a mindfuck: I feel crappy dieting (if not today then in the long run) and I feel fat if I just give up on dieting. I swear to god everything about women’s fitness is designed to make me feel miserable. WHAT IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM WITH ME?

      She looks great. If you do end up copying her, make sure to at least use her referral link to get a discount.

  2. Have you consider the Free site scooby’s workshop? I’m baffled at the amount of calaroies it suggest to consume and am still working towards it but then you could alter the settings in MFP

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