A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training log: May 3rd


It’s funny, I am still kind of upset that Gary (and Allen and Patrick) told me that I’m intimidating and that’s why no one will talk to me at the gym. I feel left out that all of these guys can talk to each other and be bros and I am sentenced to silence. I just want to be accepted!

At the same time, I have noticed that guys are talking to me more and some of them are just obnoxious. Like we were talking about how I’m not a scary person and one of the guys said, “People are just intimidated by your body because they don’t have the discipline to achieve it themselves.” I laughed in his face. Dude. Do you have eyes? According to the internet, 5’3″ fat girls who weigh 163 lbs will “have a significantly harder time getting into a relationship.” So maybe I am just ‘intimidating’ because I’m okay with being the fat chick at the gym. Anyway, it’s all still a mystery to me, but I’m still mulling it over.

I digress. I thought that Sheiko would beat the rantiness out of me, but apparently not.

Sheiko #30 w1d5

I was scared to squat today. I think yoga or cardio messed up my hip more than it helped. My hip was in pain even before I thought about squatting. So, I decided to play it by ear, forced myself to stretch properly and then took a stab at it. I think in a weird way, being forced to stretch thoroughly helped me out. I managed all but the last set of 245 unbelted and felt more even than on Monday. I wonder if the

However, it seems that I cannot have a good day on both lifts because my bench was terrible. I could not get set up right because I couldn’t get my heels down, and unracking the bar was just plain throwing me off. There are videos but I don’t want them to see the light of day.

I did stick around for the accessory work, even though this ended up being like a 2.5 hour workout. I start my full-time job on Monday, so my marathon gym sessions might get cut somewhat short. I figured I might as well enjoy it while I still can.

I did the dips and the french presses. What is a French Press, besides a device used to brew a caffeinated beverage? I googled it quickly and found that it’s basically a standing overhead barbell triceps extension… which is kind of a mouthful, so I understand why they abbreviated it. I didn’t like these, though. They put pressure in weird parts of my neck and shoulders. I’m not even sure if I was doing them right.

I also switched out the good mornings and opted for lunges instead. I’d skipped those on Wednesday and I feel like I needed them more, especially since I’ve been hitting my hamstrings pretty hard lately. The lunges were kind of painful but do seem have stretched out my hip. I have my fingers crossed that a final weekend of lounging around in the sun will fix it right up.

Food Diary

I finally worked up the courage to weight myself. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d imagined, either. I’m going to try sticking with this 1800 cal/day thing for a while and see what happens. I gave myself permission to eat that much and I just felt relieved, so that’s a good sign.

Also, when I say I’m eating 1800 cal/day, that’s because I eat roughly 400 cal/day in apples. Seriously. I can not stop eating Gala apples. They must be nature’s candy, because I’ve consumed at least 7 lbs since Monday. You know what they say, “A pound of apples a day keeps the doctor away.” Or something like that.

But apples are not exactly protein-rich food. Luckily, this picture popped up in my facebook feed on Monday and I couldn’t stop thinking about how fucking mouth-watering it looked:

That’s Buffalo Chicken Jerky dipped in guacamole, which I ended up eating yesterday. Just trust me. It’s even better than it sounds. Apples are amazing and all, but chicken and guacamole is apparently the food pairing of my dreams.


2 thoughts on “Training log: May 3rd

  1. I always have a hard time meeting other gym-goers, but I think it stems from my new person shyness more than any physical intimidation that I don’t believe I have 😦

  2. Do you start conversations with people in the gym? If your gym is mostly men, they most likely avoid talking to you because they don’t want you to assume they are being creepy and hitting on you. With all of my gym friends, I was the one who initiated conversation, even a lot of the girls.

    Anyway, running Sheiko with added accessory work sounds like hell. Are you going to continue the extra lifts once you start working?

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