A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Training Log: May 8

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Thank God for Gary. I didn’t want to lift, today. I got home late from work and then I just wanted to sit on my couch and snooze. What happened to my plan of becoming an  adult and having a ton of free time?

But then I had this hanging over my conscience:

Ya. That’s right. Gary pulled 405. Which I promised him almost a year ago I’d help him do before he moved back to Toronto on June 21st. He told me that I was the only person allowed to bear witness and then he went around and told everyone he’d pulled 405.

I think the pull messed with his head though, because then he went on a big spiel about how I should become a personal trainer because I’m so knowledgeable and would make such a good coach. I laughed. Then I reminded that in order to be a PT at the Y, I would need to complete their ridiculous certification. Meanwhile, one of the PTs is standing in the Smith Machine telling her client, “Now this is the squat rack and I’m going to show you how to deadlift because it’s safer here than it that one where the bar is free moving.” NO THANKS.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time dealing with my protege this evening and I ended up spending like 3 hours in the gym, some of which was actually spent lifting.

Sheiko #30 w2d3

I kind of did Sheiko, but I took some liberties. First of all, I skipped the flyes and the lunges. It’s a recurring theme in my workouts.

The “deadlifts from boxes” were actually done full sumo. That’s getting better, though I wasn’t in a spot where I could record myself today and I suspect I’ve got some hybrid conventional-sumo actually happening in practice. Also, I was using the smoothest bar in history of mankind and I actually failed my first attempt at 235. Yes. 235. I dropped a 235lb deadlift. WTF? Chalk helped immensely, though.

For the second round of deadlifts, I figured it was time to try out my straps. I had watched this video, not because I figured it was any good but simply because it was the first result on Youtube:

At least it seemed informative and I got the gist of it, but then on my second last set of 315, I noticed that my right hand was really painful to the touch, swollen and discoloured. The video didn’t mention that part and I’m assuming it’s not normal. Plus, I wasn’t loving the straps because they prevented me from using some of the cues I normally use to set up, and I felt a lot of pressure in my neck which probably means something was off. Next week I’ll just use the bar that has knurling.

Oh, and I benched. One of my friends mentioned she had tried benching in flat shoes again and had some success. So I copied her and tried to bench in my DL shoes. It changed my set-up slightly and I felt like my non-existent triceps were just struggling to keep up. But I did my top set as 125x2x2 just to see if I could. I could.

Food Diary

I took eggs for lunch but then blew the circuit in my makeshift office and had no air conditioning. The thought of eating a warm lunch in my sweltering office was giving me the sweats, so I opted for the protein powder I’d been carrying around in my bag instead. I’m still feeling pretty uninspired on the food front, honestly. In fact, I’d easily say the most delicious thing that I ate today were my post workout BCAAs.

Breakfast: Large coffee with half and half

Morning snack: Beef jerky

Lunch: Large coffee with cream, 2 scoops ON whey, coleslaw

Afternoon snack: Almonds

Supper: Salad with lettuce, ground turkey, guacamole and catalina dressing


Morning weight: BMI is still obese.


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