A Dainty Diary of Lifting

May 18: Bike tune-up and BodyMedia


First day with the BodyMedia! And you know what? I love data. I know my nerdiness is showing, but hot damn! That’s fine. It just gets me so excited to make graphs and analyze data. I’m totally geeking out.


Today was kind of a typical lazy Saturday for me. I spent a lot of time sitting on my couch, but I also went to a friend’s house and got my bike tires pumped up. Once I’ve got some money, I really need a nicer bike. But in the meantime, peddling around town with two flat tires was brutal. I biked 8 minutes and was gasping for air. My quads were working so hard. I thought that would be my annual bike ride. Luckily I have competent friends and once I got some air, I was good to go. After dinner, I went for a short ride around the neighbourhood. It is so freeing to just glide down a hill at top speed.

Even without the bike ride, my calories burned were a lot higher than I anticipated, especially since I spent a lot of time on the weekend just lounging around. I suspect I’ll be doing some serious diet re-evaluation this week.

In the meantime, this article on the connection between loneliness and overeating appeared in The New York Times‘ Well earlier. I found it to be particularly relevant, even though it appears to be written for the elderly. What can I say? I’m an old soul.

Salmon and Asparagus with Olives and Lemon

(This was a particularly delicious meal.)

Food Diary

Breakfast: Coffee, Banana, Fried egg, Sauerkraut, Pumpkin pancakes

Snack: Iced Americano

Lunch: Leftover beef & veg stir fry

Snack: Orange

Dinner: Salmon, Asparagus with lemon & olives

Snack: Some bugs ingested during the bike ride, Protein Shake, Banana, Blue Diamond Almonds

Calories consumed: 1777

Calories burned: 2662


8 thoughts on “May 18: Bike tune-up and BodyMedia

  1. What’s cool about the BMF is if you enter all of your foods and monitor your weight loss/gain/platueau with it, it can adjust and personalize for you. I should start using it again. What lifting programs are you looking at for your new schedule. Congrats on your new job and alla that.

    You’re really strong.

    Random Imaginary Internet Person.

    • I’m interested to see how it personalizes my info – I want it to stop telling me to eat less calories from fat!

      In terms of programming, I am leaning towards the Juggernaut system. But a part of me just wants to do no programming for a while, just do whatever I feel like doing and call it autoregulation and see where it goes.

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. Quick question about the BMF – I think this would be something really cool to have, but it looks like it is an armband. Is it big and bulky, like that it would be weird to wear around all the time? Or do you even wear it all the time?

    Also, you eat mostly paleo, correct? I must say you always make it look appetizing, even though you don’t cook that much, which I did not think was possible!

    • It is not the prettiest thing ever and it is not a fashion accessory for sure. I’m pretty sure that the Nike Fuel band and the Jawbone are more popular because they’re a lot less unobtrusive and “good enough” in terms of accuracy. However, I decided that accuracy was most important to me and I don’t deal with clients or anything at work, so I don’t mind wearing it at my desk all day. My coworkers know I’m big into fitness and have lost a lot of weight, anyway. I will post a picture when I go to the gym, but it’s definitely noticeable with short sleeves.

      Yes, I consider myself to be mostly Paleo. There are oats and rice in my house but they are not part of my staple diet. I do drink diet coke, which I think some hardcore Paleo might find appalling, but I’m not losing any sleep over it. And I don’t worry about buying grass-fed meat most of the time. But I say I don’t cook for a couple of reasons – first, if I can meal without turning anything on, I will do it, which means I sometimes just eat raw salmon and vegetables and that tastes great! But when I do cook, I cook very, very simply and I always make a few days’ worth of leftovers. I actually think my diet has become more Paleo the more I realize how simple and tasty some simple Paleo meals can be.

      • Thanks for the reply! I will keep this under consideration – I’m a teacher, so I’m obviously visible to people while working, and I could just leave it off then…but I’m interested in how many calories I burn running around the classroom! Perhaps I could wear it on a day where I have a sweater and use that to extrapolate if I decide to get one.

  3. Dude I am so into that chart! It’s making me NEED ONE!

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