A Dainty Diary of Lifting

May19th: Lifting and cooking and eating

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So, after seeing how many calories I burned yesterday, I am trying to eat more.

With that in mind, I planned out my meals for the week, aiming for the 1550 calorie goal set by BodyMedia fit. Then I can adjust with some snacks during the day as needed. I also had a ton of produce leftover from last week’s meal plan and my monthly Good Food Box, which I received this week. So this morning I went and picked out some recipes from Practical Paleo, went and picked up a couple of things I needed from the grocery store and embarked on my weekly cooking adventure.

I also found time to go to the gym. After Wednesday’s debacle, I decided I would just go in and have a “Fuck Sheiko” workout wherein I did whatever I felt like doing. That amounted to some front squats, static lunges, db incline bench and lat pull-downs. I needed to come out of the gym in a better head space today, and I got that. Now I’m debating whether to attempt a program like JTS starting tomorrow or Tuesday.

This was my first workout with my BodyMedia and I was interested to see how it would deal with strength training. A few weeks ago, I told Gary to do 10 sets of 3 on front squat with only 1 minute rest if he really wanted to sweat, so I gave that a shot. I used 165lbs and it was challenging and I did work up a sweat. But according to the armband, I was only working around 5.0 mets, which is slightly below the threshold for vigorous activity.

I feel kind of disappointed. I feel like I’m being told that I’m not working hard enough, which I know is untrue because strength training is just as important as cardio, if not equivalent. And if I’m trying really hard to be an optimist, I could remind myself that I’ve totally obliterated my “moderate activity” goals for both days that I’ve been wearing this thing, so I feel like I am doing something right. There is the option to change the threshold for what constitutes “vigorous activity” on the BodyMedia settings, but I could also just choose to be more active.  Which is why I chose to do a “finisher” at the end of my workout: 10 jump squats, follow by a 2 in/1 out on the Jacob’s ladder. Repeat 10 times without resting. Obviously this didn’t take me anywhere near 30 minutes to complete, but hopefully if I’ve got this thing around my arm, I will be reminded to do something similar every day and slowly work up my aerobic capacity.

Oh, and I received a vocabulary lesson at the gym today:

New goal: use "turtle jacked" in everyday conversation.

New goal: use “turtle jacked” in everyday conversation.

Oh. One other comment on my workout: I am totally on a fish kick lately – enough that I’m concerned about Hg poisoning. If I start acting mad as a hatter, I hope that one of my friends will intervene and ensure I receive demercuration treatment. Although, I’m not sure if I would act noticeably different if I were going insane. And my body seems to be attempting to fix itself, as evidenced by the gross fish burps I experience throughout my entire workout. I am so disgusting.

Salmon with zucchini pancakes and avocado

Salmon with zucchini pancakes and avocado

Food Diary

Breakfast: Coffee, 5 strips of bacon, Pumpkin pancakes, Blackberries

Lunch: Salmon, Zucchini Pancakes, 1/2 an avocado

Supper: Citrus & Macadamia Tilapia, Apple-Parsnip Mash, Baked Asparagus

Evening Snack (zomg! at Star Trek!!!!): Protein shake


Calories Consumed: 1874

Calories Burned: 2354



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