A Dainty Diary of Lifting

May 22: Evaluating my activity levels

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Since I’ve been posting the estimate of calories burned, I figured I’d also post an overview of how active I am throughout the day. The reality is that I consider myself fairly sedentary because I have a full-time desk job. But I also don’t own a vehicle – which means I took 18 000 steps yesterday, and another 23 000 today. I think that’s a pretty big deal considering all of the news this week about kids who aren’t walking to school. Do you think their parents are walking to work?

This is the print-out of my activity levels yesterday. I burned 2632 calories. As you can see, the baseline is pretty inactive: I spend most of my day looking at a computer screen. But then there are some times when I’m moving around, which accounts for about 40% of my calories burned:

  1. Walk to work – About 2 miles, 40 minutes – 205 cal
  2. Coffee break – 10 minute walk across the street – 100 cal
  3. Walk home – Another 2 miles, 40 minutes – 210 cal
  4. Lifting – Squat, bench and a few minutes of erg – 470 cal
  5. Laundry – Located in my building’s basement, so a bit of going back and forth – 140 cal

Today, I had a similar activity pattern while at work, except that without my lifting, I would not have hit the calorie deficit I was aiming for. As a result, I forced myself to go to the gym for an HIIT run and will have to be mindful of how much I eat on days when I’m not planning to go to the gym. I need to take rest days occasionally, but I need to adjust my eating habits accordingly and the 1800 cal I’ve been eating might be a bit high.

  1. Walk to work – 195 cal
  2. Lunchtime trip to Starbucks – About 20 minutes round-trip – 120 cal
  3. Walk home, with a stop at the grocery store – 235 cal
  4. Interval run – On the treadmill, alternating 1 minute of running and walking for 30 min (distance: 3.25 mi) – 410 cal

For anyone wondering, my morning weight was 159. I was a bit lighter yesterday, but last night I drank the liquid from a bottle of sauerkraut and I’m sure that was like 210% of my daily sodium intake, so I woke up retaining a bit of water. I told myself not to panic over a small increase in weight and I’m going to stick to the plan. Hopefully my weight will cotinue to drop slowly, because mentally I feel like I am in a better place now. (In all honesty: Holy Fuck. I was over restricting myself.)

Food Diary


AM Snack: 2 small nectarines, Coffee

Lunch:  Italian stuffed pepper, Mashed apples and parsnips

PM Snack:  Almonds

Dinner: 2 Indian turkey burgers with carrot pancake buns


Calories Consumed: 1865

Calories Burned: 2740


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