A Dainty Diary of Lifting

May 26: Sick and squats


That race really took a toll on me. I feel beyond wiped today and can’t do anything even remotely productive.

I tried to lift today but it was a shit show. There’s video but I can’t even bring myself to upload it. It’s just a bunch of squat mornings at 270lbs. And I struggled to bench 105×5. Awful.

I made a meal plan for this week but didn’t do any actual cooking. I will be eating out a bit this week and had to do a bit of baking. I did make a quasi-meal plan but will have to sort out the cooking tomorrow or something.

I’m considering joining roller derby.

Food Diary

Breakfast: Turkey hash with fried egg, Green Apple, Coffee


  • 2 apple streusel muffins
  • Large square of dark chocolate
  • Kombucha

PM Snack: 1/2 cup blackberries, 2 squares of Paleo fudge

Dinner: Italian stuffed pepper I made Blackberry bars for dinner with friends, tomorrow. I sampled 1. Then 4. I concluded they were a bit disappointing. 

Calories Consumed: I have no idea. Somewhere around 2500. Enough to give me a tummy ache.

Calories burned: 2760


3 thoughts on “May 26: Sick and squats

  1. You strong tho.

  2. You should totally do roller derby. I briefly thought about it last year, but the schedule didn’t work out for me, and obviously this year is not happening. It looks so fun, and a good group of people.

    BTW, my best 10K time was 1:12 something as well, ha! Glad you did it, though…

  3. Dude! I was JUST emailing someone about starting roller derby a couple days ago. I decided not to though, because their beginners class didn’t work for my schedule 😦 I used to be REALLY into speed skating in highschool so I already have the skates, I just need to find a time to use them… one day.

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