A Dainty Diary of Lifting

June 6: Incline Bench & Front squats


Today was just a crappy workout. I had a hair appointment after work, so I didn’t get home until fairly late and then by the time I got to the gym, it was way past my usual lifting time.

And apparently I go to the most ghetto gym in the city, because it had 2 racks and a bench, and the rack and the bench were broken. I was supposed to deadlift today (or yesterday), but I was dumb on Tuesday and did 1-leg RDLs which I love/hate because they destroy my hamstrings. So I decided to postpone deadlifting but figured I should at least do one thing right and attempt to bench. Except there was no bench! What the hell kind of gym doesn’t have a bench? It’s 2013 and everyday is international chest day, for god’s sake!

So while contemplating my next move, I decided to do some front squatting. Which was a terrible decision because as I was warming up, one of the guys who I absolutely cannot stand, swaggered into the gym and set-up in the smith machine beside. Seriously, I have never met a more disgusting human being. His BO could be a biological weapon. I have seen him hock a loogie in the water fountain. He sweats everywhere and doesn’t wipe down the machines. And he’s just dumb. And not like “broscience” dumb. Just plain wrong. I’ve seen him “coaching” friends and saying things like “This is a sumo deadlift” while demonstrating a cat-back RDL. And dude, I am just not impressed by your 4-plate, limited ROM leg press performed with knee sleeves.

Anyway, I suppressed my annoyance and decided to do some incline benching, because what else could I do? I’d read the suggestion to try incline with the pussy pad, today. I was intrigued and decided to give it a go. Will report back if I ever PR on my flat bench, which might be kind of hard if my gym doesn’t have a bench. It does have an incline bench, though. I happen to know because my shoe lace got caught on it during my workout and I face planted in front of everyone on the cardio machines. Yup. Not embarrassing in the least! Did I mention this was a terrible workout?

So after benching, realizing that the gym was going to close in 15 minutes and this workout probably could not be salvaged, I did some reverse lunges and plate raises and called it a day.

Food Diary

Despite the fact that I have all of the motivation in the world to lean out, I cannot get my shit together. I cannot even responsibly consume fruit. I bought a bunch of bananas and ate them all in one sitting. Seriously, that’s a low point in my life.

I have been considering signing up for Precision Nutrition’s Lean Eating Program in July. I feel like even though I consider myself to have an above average education in nutrition, I am missing some key piece of knowledge on how to implement a successful and sustainable diet. I need some accountability to myself – and I was trying to blog about that journey but I found some of the comments I received, however well intentioned, to be more unsettling than helpful. And I miss grains but I feel like they are just empty calories and don’t know how to incorporate them into my diet.

I have some other reservations about signing up, too. For one thing, I don’t want to waste the money if I am not committed. For another, the idea of giving up a lot of the control over my training stresses me out. I realize that it would probably be beneficial to just take my nutrition and training out of my hands, step out of my comfort zone and trust the experts that I respect. And even though I chafe a little at the thought of giving up PL-specific training, a part of me recognizes that I can do a PL meet for fun at any time, really. A year from now or five years from now. But the quality of my day-to-day life would be greatly improved if I could get my eating habits under control, feel less fat and more confident and lose some weight. So the money could be worth it. And even though I am the type of person who struggles to ask for help because it could be perceived as weakness, I feel even weaker for not being able to get a handle on this myself.

We’ll see how I’m feeling in a month’s time.


5 thoughts on “June 6: Incline Bench & Front squats

  1. I found your blog through fitocracy-(national capital group). Your profile stood out since you are always at the top of the leaderboard and from your videos I could see that you work out at the same gym as I do. What I see at that gym could fill another comment page. I’ve just started lifting heavyish in January to try to lean out and powerlifting interests me too…but I feel I’m being held back in pretty much all aspects of my life because of my food issues. I thought paleo would cure me but I can also overeat bananas and nuts and well everything, though I have been gluten free for almost 2 years. I thought I’d comment since you mentioned you are thinking about the Lean Eating Program. I thought about joining this past January but decided to work with an online coach for a more personalized approach and for accountability. Turns out it worked for a bit (for me) but then I started to feel all this anxiety about my check-ins and it just backfired. I felt so much pressure about my check-ins that it has been pushing me to more disordered eating than I started out with. Of course you may have a wonderful experience with Precision Nutrition and the accountability. I just wanted to offer my perspective of how the accountability worked for me. Hope this comment doesn’t seem stalkerish. I hope you are feeling optimistic that you’ll figure things out. I’m beyond frustrated with myself at this point but I guess I’m going to have to suck it up and keep trying.

    • Thanks for your comment! You raise a good point that I hadn’t considered: I tried to do a Paleo challenge on my own and even the daily “check-in” with myself started really messing with my head until I went down as a flaming wreck. So… PN does have the potential to become a problem. I’ve also read a few comments from people who dropped out of the LE program and they’ve given me pause to consider whether the program will be flexible enough for me. At the same time… I’m struggling right now so what have I got to lose? Really, I haven’t decided one way or the other and we’ll see how I feel when July 16th rolls around.

      And if you ever see me in the gym, feel free to introduce yourself! That gym is highly entertaining but I have very few people to talk to!

      • I tend to workout in the morning before work. I like that it’s pretty quiet at that time but will be sure to say hi if I ever see you there. Good luck with you decision re: LE program. I just pulled the plug with my online coach. I feel relieved but I still need to figure out how to eat like a normal person.

  2. ever try an EC stack? I’m seriously amazed at how well it works to both suppress my appetite and give me enough energy to lift 4 days a week and still make some strength gains on a slight caloric deficit – enough to lose 1-2 lbs per week. Any time I tried to diet and lift in the past without it, it didn’t work so well.

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