A Dainty Diary of Lifting

June 11: Insanity


Have you ever been in the situation where you’re in a relationship and you’ve kind of lost interest in the other person? And you know the relationship could be salvaged but it would take a lot of work and you just don’t feel like the effort’s worth it? So you start flirting with other guys, and it’s harmless really. But this goes on for months and all of a sudden, one day, you take the plunge and all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of a torrid affair.

Well, that’s has never happened to me, technically. Mostly because my dating life is largely non-existent and therefore only slightly less interesting than bellybutton lint. But if powerlifting were a boy, then today  I’d be a cheater. In fact, while anyone who follows my blog knows I’ve been feeling unfocused lately, you can now just go ahead and revoke my powerlifting federation membership.

I’ve been tainted by Insanity.

Please allow me to explain how I found myself in this situation: I have this co-worker. He’s a lot like Chris Traeger. And he runs a lunch-time workout group in the basement/abandoned cafeteria of my building. I’ve known about the group for a while, but the last time he told me I should check it out, I said, “I’m a powerlifter. I consider three flights of stairs sufficient cardio for the day.”

But this week happens to be Employee Appreciation Week, or whatever the civil servant equivalent is. So when I saw he was organizing a bit of a bigger event this week, I told one of my coworkers we should bring our gym clothes and check it out. Mostly I was thinking that getting in a workout at lunch time would insure I didn’t skip my cardio workout/run in the evening. Because if I do cardio, I get to eat more. But sometimes I have a bit of a logical fallacy and I eat more without exercising and this is why I’m fat.

Anyway, the workout was full. So we went down to the basement where a couple of the regulars were working out to avoid running in the rain. And I did Insanity.

We did the interval circuit workout. I don’t know if that means anything to anybody. I don’t know what I was expecting. But I know I got really sweaty before I had to sit in a meeting.

If you’re like me and know nothing about Insanity, except that it is unsuitable for fitness elitists such as myself, then let me enlighten you. We did 4 different bodyweight circuits and there was some yoga-esque stretching at the beginning and end. I started out alright: I was able to follow along and do the routine, apart from a few co-ordination issues. Basically, I struggle to rub my stomach and pat my head at the same time.

But then towards the end I was struggling to keep up and follow along. There was a circuit that focused primarily on core work and I took a couple of breathers, I admit. So, it was hard and definitely a workout. But is this how you get so strong and fit? No. I’m not willing to drink that kool-aid quite yet.

The thing is, I consider my own workout hard, but hard in a different way. I like heavy triples for a reason, and Insanity is pretty much antithesis of all that logic. And even if I could really push through a bit longer, I struggle to motivate myself in that situation. Sliding around on sweaty palms in a dirty basement just doesn’t make me want to push past whatever’s holding me back.

At the same time, I found some of the moves challenging. In fact, after doing roller derby on Sunday and squatting yesterday, my butt is starting to feel a pretty stiff. More importantly, I’m not going home, only to spend the entire evening trying to motivate myself to get to the gym. So this arrangement might continue, somewhat to my chagrin. At least I can sleep easy knowing that 90 days from now, I’ll be beach-body ready.


Food Diary

So that picture? It’s cherry tomatoes served with lamb-stuffed dolmas and “faux tzatziki” made from avocado. Technically,I ate this mid-afternoon, though I consider it my lunch. It’s a couple of recipes from Practical Paleo that I’d cooked up over the weekend. My new roommate who is Greek, moved-in and was highly impressed. Heck, I am impressed with myself.


2 thoughts on “June 11: Insanity

  1. Sounds fun!

    (p.s.) I secretly love CrossFit 😉

  2. Yeah, this is kind of how I feel about crossfit. Not sure if it’s my new boyfriend, or more like when I watch a new BBC show and am in love with some new British dude for a week until the next one comes along.

    Your food has been looking amazing!

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