A Dainty Diary of Lifting

June 17: “Derby homework”

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I have officially withdrawn from the meet I was planning to do in July. I realized that I was a month out, and had to make a decision, and with everything else going on, I just want to focus on getting to the gym consistently, getting stronger and feeling good about it. Let the good times roll.

Today I tackled my weekly “derby homework” aka squats and lunges. Now, the instructors told us we should be doing [body weight] squats and lunges every week. If either of those are too easy, do them faster. Ya.


Instead, I went and started my second week of the GZCL method. I squatted 250x3x3. Felt slow but smooth tonight. I was a bit worried headed in because my weight took a nose dive over the weekend and I still feel simultaneously euphoric and stabby. And exhausted. But then I saw that my worksets were only 250lbs and I knew I’d be pissed off with myself if I didn’t get it – and I’m not allowed to feel bad about lifting anymore. So I just did it.

The second part of my “homework” was to do lunges. We do bodyweight lunges as part of our off-skate warm-up, and the lunge is kind of important for getting up when you’re down. I started off trying to do some reverse BB lunges. I had a coach early in my lifting career who basically told me that forward lunges with the barbell would kill your ankles and now I’m brainwashed. But I didn’t have the balance to pull off the rear lunges today, so I opted for some normal kettlebell lunges. I’m still doing like 110% more single leg work than I was doing 2 months ago when my hip was bothering me.

Finished up wit some leg extensions, lat pull downs and push ups.

Food Diary

My appetite seems to be returning for now. To celebrate, I made mini turkey meat loaves from Make It Paleo, served with green beans and shallots. Very delicious (and easy!) but meatloaf is quite possibly the most unaesthetic food ever.


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