A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Hungry Hippo and Dinner at the Albion Rooms

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I am not going to call today a meltdown. Today is a lot of things, but I’ve decided it’s not a meltdown because I did not make a clandestine trip to the convenience store to buy 10 000 calories of pure sugar. I wanted cake and fudge and brownie and popcorn and ice cream and chocolate and cinnamon rolls and dark chocolate and donuts. But I have a weigh in tomorrow, so I tried to keep it together. I am too tired to determine whether I was successful in keeping it together, though.

I have felt like I’m struggling all day. I’ve eaten a ton of food. And I keep checking in with myself to see if I’m full, but NOPE. Today is one of those days when I could probably eat a horse.

We went to The Albion Rooms and I made okay food choices, but I got the duck special and it came in a thick breading that was really dry. They offered us a free dessert which I thought was totally unnecessary because the flavor was still fine, but then I ended up splitting a few bites of the Nanaimo Jar with a friend. I did choose the roasted cauliflower as an appetizer so at least I hit my veggies and protein like I’d planned?

Even after dinner, I could still go for some cottage cheese or greek yogurt, but I feel like I shouldn’t be hungry, given the sheer volume of food I’ve consumed today. Overall I’m not expecting a great measurement day tomorrow and that kind of bums me out because otherwise I did well this week. Except in the gym today. That kind of sucked. I really struggled both mentally and physically to complete my workout. And between a crappy workout and the impending crappy measurement day, I’m not feeling very cheerful.

I’ve felt weak and tired and hungry all day. I didn’t sleep well and I’m hormonal and blah. I could eat a horse and that about sums it up.

Food Diary

Breakfast – Pumpkin pear smoothie

  • Pumpkin puree
  • Kombucha
  • Bartlett pear
  • Ginger powder
  • Hemp protein
  • 1/4 avocado
  • Ice

First Lunch

  • Fireside stew
  • Salad: Lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper, carrots with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Second Lunch –

  • Mustard-glazed chicken thighs
  • Brown & wild rice
  • Homemade broccoli and leek soup

Postwork –

  • Giant super shake that was mostly a variant of the shake I’d had earlier in the day

Dinner @ The Albion Rooms – 

  • Roasted cauliflower with saffron mayo
  • Something with duck. I am not sophisticated, but this was like a crab cake but with duck? I didn’t eat the batter and commented that it was a bit dry, so they offered us free dessert which I thought was a bit unnecessary but…..
  • I had two bites of the Nanaimo Jar. They were fucking heavenly.
  • 2 tbsp of almond butter because I’m somehow still hungry.

Workout: Phase 3 – Workout 1

Days since last meltdown: 6


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