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Some soup and a Vitamix


Spiced Cauliflower & Carrot Soup

Spiced Cauliflower & Carrot Soup

I used the money that I earned dog-sitting last week to buy a stick blender, because I really felt I needed one.  Homemade soup seems like a great way to eat my 5 servings of veggies everyday, and I can use up some of the extras that would otherwise wilt away in my fridge.

I’d seen a recipe on the Kitchn last week that I seemed destined to make, since I had both a cauliflower and some old carrots in my crisper. Oh. My. God. I can’t believe that some simple veggies can be pureed with a few spices to make something so incredibly satisfying. I had a giant bowl of this stuff with sardines and sauerkraut on the side for lunch, and my belly felt warm and loved all afternoon.  In fact, I wanted some more so I had another bowl at supper time. My blog is just not sufficient to explain how good this soup is. I seriously need to kidnap another human being and hold them hostage so I can force feed them. But I am not a sociopath.

Speaking of blenders, I asked for a Vitamix for Christmas. I asked for other things, too. My list consisted of about 25 items, most of them basic kitchen gadgets to improve my life as a chef.  My mom wrote me back and said, “It’s bad when I have to Google half of these things because I don’t know what they are. I didn’t know what a sous-vide was, or a Vitamix (Holy fuck! Expensive!) “.

And I responded with a link to this article from Slate: Can a $400 Blender Change Your Life? Yes.


Within three days of ownership I had made smoothies for my in-laws and husband, endorsed the machine to my office manager, raved about it to friends, and invited my parents over specifically for a Vitamix-themed lunch. When my mother, a former nurse, refused my blueberry-kale smoothie on the grounds that it looked like bile, I felt as if she were rejecting my new boyfriend. Eager to gain her approval, I whipped up some strawberry sorbet instead.

Just imagine all of the soups I could make with a bad boy like that in my life.

Food Diary

Breakfast – Apple Cider Pumpkin Super Shake

Lunch – Shrimp Stir fry with beans, onion, broccoli, water chestnuts, mushrooms and bok choy in a ginger sesame sauce

Second lunch – Spiced Carrot Cauliflower Soup, sardines and sauerkraut

Dinner – Potato, apple and brussel sprout hash with 2 eggs + another bowl of soup

Workout – LE Phase 3 Workout 2 – The lifting routine that I failed to schedule yesterday.

Days since last meltdown: 2


2 thoughts on “Some soup and a Vitamix

  1. if you don’t have one, an instant pot is another great kitchen add. It replaced an old slow cooker and since I didn’t already have a higher capacity pressure cooker or a rice cooker, it filled the role of three appliances.

    • Oooooo…. according to my google history, I have already considered buying an instant pot, but I don’t remember this. And I’m not sure why – this looks GREAT for an apartment kitchen. Thanks!

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