A Dainty Diary of Lifting


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I did my three month progress pictures today. I’m kind of feeling ambivalent about that and determined not to fuck up tonight.

Things I am feeling good about: I went to the gym and did a 5×5. I was super light weight but I don’t even care. It felt great to do some “heavy squats” (165lbs! Ha!) I threw in a couple of quick circuits at the end but I was in and out in about an hour. Woo!

The strangest part of today was trying to bench. I chopped off all of my hair on Thursday and every time I went to bench, I was surprised to find that I no longer had a ponytail that required adjusting.

Food Diary

Breakfast- 2 eggs scrambled with red pepper, onion, tomato and spinach. Fried in a coconut oil. Served with frozen grapes.

Brunch – Fireside stew, cucumber

Tea – 2 sausages, bowl of spiced carrot cauliflower soup + more frozen grapes

Dinner – Salad with romaine, red pepper, cuke, tomato, carrot, 2 boiled eggs, EVOO, balsamic & gomasio. Valencia orange.

Workout: I squatted 165x5x5 and benched 95x5x5 and it was hard.


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