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Food Diary + Food Rules

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Ha! My new Lean Eating habit is to keep a food diary and track what I’m eating. I’m ahead of the curve! Not only do I feel like I can master this habit, but I also feel like I’m coming off the weekend with some momentum, which is a rare situation for me. I had a great lifting session on Saturday. I love being strong! And I didn’t have a junk food bender on Saturday so I already feel 150% less bloated!

I am trying to do some meal prep over the next couple of days in anticipation of my upcoming move. Things are slowly coming together and I know where I’ll be staying for the next two weeks. I’m trying to use up all of the ingredients in my freezer, plus I will feel reassured to bring along some LE friendly meals when I’m not cooking out of my own kitchen. I made a big batch of pumpkin pie oatmeal and some elk sausage this morning, and some stuffed squash this evening.

Other than that, I read Michael Pollan’s Food Rules this afternoon. I am not a Pollanite, largely because I’ve never read any of his books. But I agreed with most of his rules. In fact, most of them have already been said to me over the past few months over my Lean Eating journey. Eat plants! Eat until you’re 80% full! Eat meals! All things I’m already doing. Although… I do drink almond milk with xantham gum in it and I’m not terribly strict about the 5 ingredient rule. If a food contains 10 ingredients that I recognize, I’m going to eat it. And as much as I try to eat healthy, it’s more convenient for me to buy almond milk with a thickening agent than to make my own. I don’t think he taught me anything new or groundbreaking, but I did appreciate his writing style.

Food Diary


  • Fish oil, Ca supplement
  • 6 Brussel sprouts and 2/3 of a spartan apple fried in 1 thumb of coconut oil.
  • 1 egg over easy
  • 1 cup black coffee

Notes: Felt very hungry when I woke up, but didn’t need to eat a lot to feel full.

1st lunch –

  • Aprx. 1 handful of slow cooker pumpkin pie oatmeal
  • 1 Elk Sausage
  • 1 generous handful of sauerkraut

Notes: Post-workout. Very hungry.

2nd lunch-

  • 1 fist of 2% cottage cheese with aprx. 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1 cupped handful of mixed fresh fruit (melon, pineapple, strawberries, grapes)
  • 1 fist of english cucumber
  • 1 large square of dark chocolate
  • 3 bites of pumpkin oatmeal
  • Green tea

Notes: Ate the oatmeal and the chocolate while cleaning up. The cottage cheese didn’t really hit the spot.

Dinner –

  • 1/4 medium onion
  • 1 small tomato
  • 1/8 cup diced red pepper
  • A splat of strained tomatoes
  • Ground pork – 1 fist-sized serving?
  • 3 sprinkles of nutritional yeast “Parmesan”
  • Wildberry tea
  • Persimmon

Workout: Lean Eating Phase 4 – Workout 1. So, about that whole 5×5 thing that I did on Saturday: It was great. It made me feel really enthusiastic about lifting again, which was a feeling I hadn’t felt in month. I needed the huge mental boost that I got from this weekend. But… my hip has been painfully unhappy ever since. And today was the start of Phase 4. When I looked at the workout, I actually wanted to do it. So that’s what I went and did. Sets of 8 were awesome.

Days since since last meltdown: 4


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