A Dainty Diary of Lifting

Squat PR: 285×5

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Friday squat session:

I really struggled with 280×5 last week, and wasn’t looking forward to squatting this afternoon. I ended up playing hooky from work and taking a nap this afternoon, and then I just felt groggy going into the gym. I debated whether I should even attempt 285×5, but in the end I went for it and the 4th and 5th reps were about 40% easier than last week’s.

As a side note, I was in the crappy rack (hence the struggle to re-rack, which always happens in this set-up) and they had re-arranged everything so the lighting is insane in the video. My massive quads look like they are bending light.

I also had a lightbulb moment at the gym today. I was feeling a self conscious because the dude in the decent squat rack was squatting 135lbs however he looked decently muscular and lean. Basically I had the realization that I want to look like a bodybuilder without doing bodybuilding workouts. I probably need to adjust that expectation.

After squatting, I benched 122.5x5x5. I had failed my final rep on Monday but these felt solid, so that is reassuring.

I will deadlift tomorrow and hit up the farmer’s market. On Sunday it will be three weeks since my last binge eating episode. That’s a huge improvement over the weekly and bi-weekly events that were happening this spring. I am kind of waiting for myself to slip up, but also feeling very confident about where I’m at. I’ve been cooking my own meals and packing my lunches for work. Right now I feel like going back to PNLE was really a good decision, even if I had doubts when I signed up.


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